10 Indians Best Culinary Schools

10 India s Best Culinary Schools
10 India s Best Culinary Schools


10 Indians Best Culinary Schools Indian food is the result of an 8,000-year history of numerous ethnicities. And also, cultures interacting with the Indian subcontinent.However, resulting in a wide range of flavors and regional cuisines in modern-day India. Later, trade with the British and Portuguese influenced Indian food. Which was already diversified. Every day, a growing number of Indian culinary colleges open their doors. So,Television and the media have moved the field of culinary arts to the forefront of popular consciousness. Every week, we are treated to world-class dishes cooked by India’s greatest chefs. So, results in fierce competition in the culinary arts world today.


So, There are a variety of hotel management courses available, each with its own level and weighting. Culinary arts is one of the most well-known and important sub-streams in hotel management, with thousands of students enrolling each year. Let’s take a peek at India’s top 10 cooking schools.

1. Indian Culinary Academy

Indian Culinary Academy
Indian Culinary Academy

However, The Culinary Academy of India is the country’s primary culinary school. So, coordinating the standards of the greatest American and European culinary colleges. It was ranked first among India’s Top 10 Culinary Institutes. Moreover, The main building of the Culinary Academy of India is less than a kilometer from a hotel in Hyderabad. And also, gives the institute an advantage in terms of finding a job after earning a professional degree.

Food Production, Food Presentation, Kitchen Management, F and B Matching, and other topics are covered by the staff of 18 full-time culinary instructors. All of the personnel have previously worked in prestigious hotels in India and overseas. They don’t just adopt substitutions on the basis of hypothesis; they also use practical and experimental methods.


2. Pusa s Hotel Management Catering and Nutrition Institute

Pusa s Hotel Management Catering and Nutrition Institute
Pusa s Hotel Management Catering and Nutrition Institute

Moreover, The Institute of Hotel Management Catering and Nutrition, Pusa, New Delhi, also known as IHM Pusa, is India’s leading hospitality management school. It is locate in Delhi, India. So, IHM Pusa is located in New Delhi’s Pusa Institutional Area.

The Pusa Institute of Hotel Management was ranked second among India’s Top 10 Culinary Institutes. The Ministry of Food, Government of India, is in charge of the Institute. Solar energy-based water heaters. So, as sewage treatment facilities, and underground water tanks. And also, water harvesting offices are just a few of the Institute’s environmentally friendly initiatives.

3. The Oberoi Learning and Development Centre


The Oberoi Learning and Development Centre.  Oberoi Group has been named one of the Top 10 Best Companies to Work For in India by the Economic Times in collaboration with Great Place To Work.So, It is ranked fourth among the Top 10 Culinary Institutes in India for making culinary advancements.

So, Oberoi Center for Learning and Development is a co-educational hotel management school in New Delhi’s Maidens Hotel. The Institute is a Delhi University affiliate. The Oberoi Group of Hotels owns and operates the Institute. The All India Council for Technical Education recognizes the institute, which is affiliated with Delhi University

4. International Culinary Arts Institute

International Culinary Arts Institute
International Culinary Arts Institute

However, The International Institute of Culinary Arts in New Delhi is a worldwide-known culinary and baking school that will make a significant difference in your professional goals. To meet the business’s global needs, the institute provides an all-around qualified, extraordinarily successful, versatile, and committed workforce.

So, The institute takes pleasure in providing the highest quality culinary education possible, including hands-on training and internationally recognised certification. Understudies at the International Institute of Culinary Arts are provided with a mix of classroom addresses and the best mechanical introduction to ensure that everyone receives the greatest work and an unending supply of their course.

5. Merit Swiss Asian Hotel Management School


Moreover, Merit Swiss Asian School of Hotel Management collaborates with Alagappa University and Swiss Schools Switzerland. It considers India’s distinct wants for understudies in various fields such as diplomas, Degree, Post-Graduation, and Research.

So, The lovely slope town of Ooty may be seen from the Merit Swiss Asian School of Hotel Management. Which is locate on the verdant slopes of the Blue Mountains.However, Academic squares, young men’s and young ladies’ hostel rooms, training laboratories, guest rooms, conference halls, faculty loads, training restaurants, computer lab, administrative offices, and the gym are all located on the grounds.

6. Aurangabad Institute of Hotel Management

Aurangabad Institute of Hotel Management
Aurangabad Institute of Hotel Management

Moreover,The Aurangabad Institute of Hotel Management is a hotel management school in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India. The internationally recognised curriculum is still up to date. The level of content, exposure, and immersion in a real-world setting are unparalleled.

So, It was established in 1989 by The Maulana Azad Education Trust Aurangabad in collaboration with the Taj Group. And also, held in the Maulana Azad College of Arts and Science.So, Aurangabad’s Dr. Rafiq Zakaria Campus. It is also,affiliated with Huddersfield University and is recognised by the All India Council for Technical Education in New Delhi.

7. Culinary Academy Palate

Culinary Academy Palate
Culinary Academy Palate

So, Palate Culinary Academy is a cutting-edge worldwide culinary and patisserie entrepreneurship hub, and the chef’s playground is a foodie’s paradise. It is located in the Maharashtra state of India. Among India’s Top 10 Culinary Institutes, it is recognized as a masterpiece.

They offer not only the UK-approved Culinary, Patisserie, and Bakery courses, but also a variety of other international expert projects, Chef-exclusive pop-ups, lavish informal breakfasts, mouth-watering sun-killjoys, children’s birthday parties, corporate group holding sessions, and a variety of other food-related events that Mumbai has yet to witness.

8. Welcomgroup Graduate School


Welcomgroup Graduate School has consistently received the highest college rankings over the years, and its graduates have gone on to work for companies such as Citibank, Blue Dart Couriers, GE Capital, and International Services.

Moreover, The Dr. TMA Pai Foundation established the Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration. So, The WGSHA institute was founded in 1987 by the establishment and Welcomgroup, ITC Ltd.’s hotel subsidiary.

9. Amrapali Hotel Management Institute

Amrapali Hotel Management Institute
Amrapali Hotel Management Institute

Moreover, The top hotel management institute in Uttarakhand is the Amrapali Institute of Hotel Management. This institution may be the greatest alternative for you if you are looking for a culinary arts course-related best college option in north India.

So, The institute has won several honors, including the top 70 BBA Institute according to the Times Survey 2019, the top 21 BBA Institute according to the GHRDC Survey 2019, and the top 10 Promising B School for MBA in India according to the GHRDC Survey. The Knowledge Review Survey has also put it among the top 5 private institutes.

10. Symbiosis Culinary Arts School

Symbiosis Culinary Arts School
Symbiosis Culinary Arts School

However, Maharashtra, India is home to the Symbiosis School of Culinary Arts. It is also, the country’s first institution dedicated solely to providing specialist degrees in culinary science and arts. The institution was founded to meet the needs of the food industry in terms of training. And the development of specialised culinary specialists. So, One of the most sought-after culinary degrees in the country is their flagship Bachelor of Culinary Arts degree.

So, Under the auspices of Symbiosis International, the Symbiosis School of Culinary Arts provides a three-year BSc Culinary Arts degree as a non-residential study (Deemed University). The curriculum educates students about the diverse and rapidly expanding culinary industry. The curriculum is really participatory and hands-on.


  1. As Alton Brown Said………”The kitchen’s a laboratory, and everything that happens there has to do with science. It’s biology, chemistry, physics. Yes, there’s history. Yes, there’s artistry. Yes, to all of that. But what happened there, what actually happens to the food is all science.”.Going by this Quote….I can say that Chefs are made in kitchens and not in class rooms.I have been seeing the syllabus and curriculum being taught in various culinary institutes I can only say that we are way behind the European and American culinary Institutions.Only one institute which has been competing with the leading culinary schools in the world is Culinary academy of India “BRAND CAI’.Why I say this is that its the only college which has a 75% TO 25% Practical to Theory model of teaching. Most of the time the student are in the lab and not in Class Rooms.
    Higher Education Counselor.

  2. I’m a student from Pune, studying at Culinary Academy of India, and I’ve been loving the experience here. I joined this institute to chisel my skills and I have seen the difference made in me here. Well deserved the first rank on this list. Cheers to Brand CAI!

  3. I’m am a current student of this college and i am having a blissful experience and I can feel my skills grow day by day. Well deserve the first rank on this list cheers brand CAI

  4. Culinary academy of india ! One of the bestest college ever ! You can literally live your dream here ! They provide you with best education ❤️

  5. Culinary Academy of India is one of the best culinary institutions.
    Excellent faculty, practical knowledge is taught by experienced chefs. Brand CAI is an excellent college for students who would like to choose their career as chefs.

  6. This college is the best for culinary education. Culinary Academy provides placements at its best in the industries, which include top chains of hotels and cruise ships. Our seniors have been placed in the top hotels and hoping to work amongst the best in the industry and the overall infrastructure of our college is really up to the mark. There are different types of kitchens for us with specialised equipment and proper ventilation. The classrooms are well-equipped and also the library is equipped with good infrastructure and various books as well as newspapers. Good and healthy food is provided in the student dining hall every day. The faculty members in our college are really reliable and knowledgeable. They clear all doubts. Chef instructors in our institute teach us with the utmost attention and give us a lot of knowledge about various ingredients. We are taught about various techniques and also about cleanliness. The faculty members use PowerPoint presentations and various videos to educate us thoroughly, which makes us eager to gain more knowledge.

  7. I am student of CULINARY ACADEMY OF INDIA and I have been loving the experience. I had joined here to gain knowledge in culinary arts and this is the best place and a big thanks to the faculty. If you want to build a good career as a chef welcome to CULINARY ACADEMY OF INDIA (CAI).


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