Afghanistan Cuisine Qabli Pulao

Afghanistan Cuisine Qabli Pulao
Afghanistan Cuisine Qabli Pulao

About Cuisine Qabli Pulao:

Afghanistan is a country with an extensive range of cuisine. The history of the country is rich in its diversity and the influence of various cultures can be observed in its cooking styles, including both the traditional and the modern ones. There are numerous varieties of Afghan cuisine and the most popular among them is the famous Qibli Pulao. This is a very sumptuous dish consisting of meat and vegetables cooked in a large clay pot called the’Hazrat’. It is believed to have been originated in the 15th century. The ingredients used are primarily aromatic herbs, poppy seeds, garlic, black pepper, coriander, turmeric, and salt.

Qablama of Pulao

This dish is best served with hot, aromatic, golden-brown basafeen or that. It is prepared using tender-brown meat of ox or sheep that has been dipped in spices and then roasted in clay pots. In this type of cooking, the meat cooks slowly and then is garnished with tomatoes and green chili. The dish is then served with sweet yogurt.

The name Qibli Pulao means “Qablama of Pulao” or “cooked meat in small clay pots”.

The popularity of this dish is attributable to the sumptuousness of its contents. A typical meal of this variety consists of round-shaped flatbread or that that is then topped with spicy, aromatic, yellow, or orange sauce of your choice. It is served with steamed rice. Sometimes, it is accompanied by fresh mint or cashews. You may have to look for plain sauces or those that are flavored with different herbs, such as rosemary, chamomile, or thyme.

Shashti Chiang Afghan food

Another well-known variety of Afghan food is the Shashti Chiang. It consists of finely chopped meat that is cooked on a charcoal fire in clay pots. This dish is known for its spicy, sour, and sweet flavors. It is also considered an important part of the funerals of Northern Afghanistan.

Biryani is a type of ethnic food that is popular all over the world. The term Biryani refers to a bowl of thin, white, or black food, which is mainly served during lunch or dinner. The cuisine in this region is renowned for its use of dry fruits and yogurt in the preparation of this kind of food.

Gulabi famous cuisine:

Gulabi is a famous variety of cuisine in this part of the country. It is named after the region where it originated: Gulabi, situated close to the Golden Triangle Mountains. This dish is made from mashed ripe plantains, chickpeas, and dry fruit. Many people in this region prefer to eat it with yogurt or milk.

Garam Masala is another famous variety of cuisine from this part of the country. It is made by mixing beef, lamb, or chicken with different types of spices. The meat and other ingredients are marinated in the spices for several hours and then cooked in a special daullah (turban) made of clay. It is then decorated with tomato sauce and served.

Hazrat Baluch is a famous dish of Afghanistan. It is a rice dish made of khatta (warmed wheat) prepared by breaking large lumps of rice into large chunks.

Served During Lunch and Dinner:

it is served during lunch and dinner in most of the cities and towns in this region. To make it more delicious, it is served with yogurt or milk. This type of cuisine is famous all over the world.

Tajik cuisine is famous for its richly flavored butter. When steamed, the butter leaves a flavor that is hard to describe. It is also used in many recipes in Afghanistan and the north of Pakistan.

Baluchistan cuisine is famous for the meat and fish they offer. The different types of meats include lamb, goat, chicken, and elephant. You can buy fresh fish and seafood in these regions. As Pakistan is a part of Iran, you may experience difficulty getting foreign currencies at Baluchistan airports.

Tajik people love their desserts too! Desserts are special in this region and they are different from what you would find in the West. They serve ice cream, fresh fruit juices, and ice cream. This cuisine is best enjoyed when it is cold outside, so it makes perfect sense to enjoy this type of food when you are in a country where the weather is cold.




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