Afghanistan Cuisine Dish Mastawa

Afghanistan Cuisine Rice Dish Mastawa
Afghanistan Cuisine Rice Dish Mastawa
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Famous Afghanistani Rice:

The famous Afghanistani rice dishes are so delicious that it is hard to choose only one. If you are traveling with family or friends to this part of the world, you would surely love to spend some time sampling the authentic cuisine of this country. In fact, the food of Afghanistan has been a part of history and can be traced back as far as the sixth century. You cannot ignore the fact that its influence has spread over the region, affecting all corners of the globe. This means that you can take the healthy approach of eating healthy by enjoying the delicious food of this place.Afghanistan Cuisine Dish Mastawa

The people of Afghanistan have a rich love for cooking and this aspect is evident in their dessert dishes as well. If you try to find out the reasons behind this, you will surely be amazed. The major ingredients that form the basis of Afghan cuisine include wheat flour, dates, dried fruit, saffron, milk, yogurt, and poppy seeds.

Afghan rice dishes:

The famous Afghan rice dishes consist mainly of dishes with rice. However, you would also come across some desserts with wheat or grain flour too. The milk and yogurt provide a smooth consistency and this is what makes it an exclusive choice for dessert. If you are looking forward to trying out the Mastawa rice dish, then this is the right place for you.

The Massawa is a delicacy from Afghanistan. It is a thick and rich food that has a sweet taste. You can add some raisins and fresh fruits to it for making it tastier. The recipe was originated by the Pashmina Khan of Herat. You can try this unique dish and if you do not have the time to prepare it, then just head for the nearby Biryani Market to buy the required ingredients.

If you want to try out another dessert, then you should head to the Bakri Id or the baked bread.

Popular food in Afghanistan:

This is a very popular food in Afghanistan. The best part about this dish is that it is full of nutrients. Bakri Id is served as an evening meal or breakfast. It provides a healthy alternative to heavy meals.

A typical dessert includes the dessert known as MaDosa. This dish is made with rice and spices. If you have never tasted this traditional food, then you should try it. The combination of milk, fresh fruits, yogurt, and fresh spices makes it a perfect dessert.

If you do not like to eat sweets at the end of the day, then you should head for the delicious Pashmina Ghori or the brownie. This famous dessert consists of roasted rice along with cashews, pistachio nuts, and various other ingredients. You will really enjoy eating this delicious dish. It has a sweet taste, but the taste of the desserts is more balanced.

Delicious Babooshka:

To finish off, you should head to the delicious Babooshka. This dessert consists of wheat flour, dates, and walnuts. The ingredients are well mixed and crushed. Once this mixture is done, it is baked in an iron skillet. Once it is baked, you will get to enjoy a mouthwatering dessert.

In general, the Pakistani culture has a lot of influence on the taste of Afghan food. You can see elements of that culture in their foods too. You will find evidence of it in their choice of food and in their desserts. The dessert of Afghanistan is not only one of the tastiest, but also one of the healthiest desserts you can ever eat.

Delicious Makhani:

You can try out the delicious Makhani, also known as the black-eyed peas. It is a rice dish that is made with black peas. When you have it, you will realize that this is a truly healthy dish.

The main ingredients of this dish are onions, coriander seeds, garlic, green chilies, and saffron. This dish is especially popular in the Kashmir and Punjab regions.

As already discussed, there are many other dishes in this cuisine. You can try out the famous Halwa which is very popular all over the country. The spices used in this Halwa are cumin and turmeric. You can also try out the chicken Shawarma which is extremely popular all across the South. In fact, the famous dishes in this cuisine are so tasty that they are difficult to resist. There are many places where you can get quality Afghan food.





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