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Book Accommodation for the World Cup in Qatar

Book accommodation for the World Cup in Qatar

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How to reserve accommodation for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

Book Accommodation for the World Cup in Qatar. The largest event in Qatar this year is almost here. So, The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM is scheduled to run from November 21 through December 18, 2022. Fans across the globe are getting ready for the big event, but what should one do about accommodation?

Here’s a simple way to make hotel reservations.

Hayya Card

It is a requirement for supporters to submit an application for a Hayya Card after purchasing match tickets. For travelers from outside the country, this card will serve as a visa. They also receive additional privileges, such as free public transportation on game days for ticket holders. Visit our guide right here.

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Important considerations for accommodations:

At this time, there are no restrictions on how many nights of match ticket holders can reserve. Bookings should, however, coincide with the dates when the matches will be watched.

You are welcome to make reservations for lodging using alternative channels or hotel or travel websites.

Transferring accommodations from one guest to another is feasible for an administrative cost of QR 100 (US$ 27.47).

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Accommodations at the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar

Apartment buildings and villas


Hotels on cruise ships

Vacation Houses

Fan Villages

You must register your home if you want to host visitors, including friends and family, while the tournament is underway. This is necessary for the Hayya Card applications of your guests to be approved. The procedures are outlined below.


You won’t need to make travel or accommodation arrangements if you are an international fan traveling to Qatar on gameday. You must still submit an application for a Hayya Card, however.

Currently, FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM ticket holders are given preference when making reservations on the website of the Official Accommodation Agency. To finalize your booking, you will require a valid Ticket Application Number.

How do I reserve accommodation?

How do I reserve accommodation
How do I reserve accommodation

Step 1: Visit www.qatar2022.qa/book as a start.

Step 2: Next, look through the possibilities that are available for the dates of your choice. (These steps apply to booking apartments & villas, hotels, cruise ship accommodations, fan villages, and vacation rentals.)

Step 3: Once you’ve decided on an option, click “Validate” after choosing the dates and entering your ticket application number. This step is necessary in order to make a hotel reservation.

Step 4: Following this, you can browse the available rooms, choose the one that best suits your needs and price range, and then click “add to bag.”

Step 5: After finishing, fill out the “guest details” in your bag. Once the information is entered, you can complete the payment and your reservation will be verified.

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What occurs after making a reservation for accommodation?

A booking reference number and an email confirmation confirming your reservation have been made will be sent to you.

Your e-voucher and all instructions regarding your reservation, including the check-in and check-out procedure, will be sent to you closer to the event.

How can you prepare your home to entertain friends and family?

Foreign supporters should follow these instructions:

Families and friends who are hosting you must register their property and verify your information. Your lodging plans will be immediately approved after your host confirms your information. There is nothing else you need to do.

For hosts (who must be at least 18 years old), here are the rules:

You must register your property if you intend to let visitors, such as family members and friends, stay there while the tournament is underway. This is necessary for the Hayya Card applications of your guests to be approved.

Step 1: Check out the “Legal Liability Disclaimer” at www.hayya.qatar2022.qa/en/group/hayya/accommodation.

Step 2: Enter the “Host QID” and “Expiry Date” after that, then confirm your QID. The cellphone number associated with the QID will get an SMS for verification.

Step 3: After your QID has been verified, the “Property Adress” field must be filled in. Please be aware:

At most, five properties can be added.

Per property, a maximum of 10 extra people may be added per property.

Only properties that have no assigned guests can be deleted.

A property cannot be removed or altered after it has been added and has visitors allocated to it.

During the period of time from 1, 2022 to 23, 2023, visitors may stay with you.

Step 4: Enter the “Guest Details,” such as Guest Name, Passport Details, and Nationality, after validating and adding your property information.

Step 5: After completing this, the lodging options will be automatically validated; no further action is necessary.

Contact the following for assistance:

Email address: info@hayya.qa

Residents of Qatar: 800 2022

International residents should dial +974 4441 2022.

How to apply for a Hayya Card?

How to apply for a Hayya Card
How to apply for a Hayya Card

Have you already purchased your FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM tickets? After purchasing tickets, it will be necessary to apply for a Hayya Card or Fan ID because both local and foreign match attendees must have one in order to enter the stadium.

The Hayya Card will serve as entry permission to Qatar for all foreign visitors, regardless of their intended purpose, and will be the exclusive method of entry from November 1, 2022, through January 1, 2023. Both residents and nationalities of the GCC are subject to the regulation. Additionally, the Hayya Card will offer several advantages, such as free public transportation on game days for ticket holders. The Hayya card and your match ticket are required for match attendance.A natural blend of Australian extracts and 'loving' bee ingredients designed to help repair, revitalise and moisturise your hands to leave them feeling soft, soothed and hydrated.

Services that you’ll be entitled to with the Hayya card:

Fans from other countries that enter Qatar will not need a visa.

Doha Metro

Public buses

Buses for sporting events


Making informed travel plans using the “Hayya App”

Incorrect or rejected applications:

If your application is denied, you have the option of submitting it again along with any new information that has been given to you and two more applications.

If you enter the wrong application information, you must wait for a response before submitting another application with the proper information.

You can edit your application through the Hayya site. A submitted application, however, cannot be changed.Purecanes Brand New Electrolyte Drink Mix - Get hydrated with Zero Calories or Sugar


A Hayya Card is not required to reserve accommodation or buy match tickets.

The above guidance is subject to modification as and when the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy makes such announcements (the organizing committee of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar).

So you can make sure you can attend a game.

In order to participate in the World Cup 2022. A new account must be formed; previously used user accounts cannot be transferred.

Your step-by-step instructions:

 1: To access the Hayya Card application portal via the Qatar 2022 website. So, you go to the appropriate section, as shown below. Or go straight to the Hayya Qatar 2022 portal.

2: So, Click Apply for Hayya to access the application form.

 3: Enter your match ticket information to validate it. Match tickets are currently required in order to apply for the Hayya Card; more details about non-ticket holders are still pending.

 4: Depending on the kind of your ticket, enter the data as displayed in the screen capture above. You would enter the special order number associated with that if you had purchased a “Match Hospitality” package from FIFA.

 5: Add the application’s details (upload a personal photo and passport, click “applicant type”).

6: Type in your passport number, birthdate, and other information as displayed in the screen capture above.

 7: After finalizing your information, you must provide your contact information and submit your application.

Application submission afterward:

So, You will receive an email once your application has been processed letting. You know whether it has been granted, is still pending, or has been refused.

How long does it take to approve a Hayya Card?

Local supporters (citizens): up to three days

Fans from abroad: up to 5 days

How can I get a Hayya Card?

Important for global followers, the digital Hayya Card will be accessible via the Hayya App after approval.

iOS and Android users can download the Hayya Card app.

iOS and Android users can download the Hayya Card app.
iOS and Android users can download the Hayya Card app.

So, Local supporters can choose to use the physical Hayya Card, which can be picked up at specific service locations. Please be aware that all Hayya cards will be digital up until September 2022. And service centers have not yet been determined.

Non-negotiable requirements

It is prohibited to donate or sell. So, They transfer a Hayya Card to a person or organization unless the Supreme Committee of Delivery and Legacy has approved it.

So, complete compliance with the conditions set by the owner of the relevant stadium at the time of entrance.

Your entry to the stadium could be denied if you don’t follow the rules.

Cancellation or termination of the Hayya Card service:

However, The Hayya card or services may be terminated or suspended if any terms and conditions are broken.

Contact the following with any questions or issues regarding the Hayya Card:

Email address: info@hayya.qa

Phone number: 800 2022 (local) or +974 4412 2022 (International)


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