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Cardamom, also known as cardamon or cardamom, is a flavour that is manufactured from the seeds of various Elettaria and Amomum plants in the Zingiberaceae family. All families are indigenous to Indonesia and the Indian subcontinent. Although the pods include several seeds, each cardamom pod can be utilised whole or powdered. The seeds are small and black, while the pods vary in colour and size depending on the kind of plant. Read more…



Cardamom was highly valued by the ancient Greeks. And the Greek medics Constantine and Hippocrates wrote about its medicinal properties, describing it as an aid to digestion. The cardamom trade developed into a lucrative prestige sector as a result of demand in times past and in Rome; cardamom was one of the spices eligible for import tax in Alexandria in 126 CE. During the Middle Ages, Venice was the main importer of cardamom into Western Europe, as well as pepper, cloves, and cinnamon, which were traded with Levantine businessmen for salt and meat goods.

During the Song Dynasty (960–1279), amomum was a key part of the Chinese industry. In the year 1150, the Arab historian Muhammad al-Idrisi reported that it was being brought from India and China to Aden, Yemen.

A few years later, when the Portuguese attacked the west coast of India in the sixteenth century, they took part in the trade, although the sector did not become of considerable importance to Europeans until the 19th century.

Cardamom Types

It comes in two varieties: black cardamom and green, as well as white cardamom, which is a faded variant of green. Green cardamom is the type most commonly seen in Nordic and Middle Eastern cuisine, however, recipes in India and Asia may frequently mention if green or black cardamom is required. Read more…

How does it taste?

With undertones of lemon and mint, it has a powerful, sweet, aromatic taste and scent. Black cardamom has a smokey aroma and a cooling menthol scent.PowerStep Memorial Day Sale – Up to 25% Off. The offer ends on 6/5/2023.



What benefits of cardamom?

For its health advantages, people can also take cardamom as a food supplement. Plant chemicals with soothing and antibacterial effects can be found in them.

Anticancer Properties

Cardamom includes natural phytochemicals that may be capable of combating diseases like cancer. Although it cannot replace cancer treatment, some research implies that the spice may have cancer-fighting effects. Read more…

Prevention of Ulcers

Cardamom, like its cousin ginger, may help with digestive disorders. Some folks create stomach-soothing tea with spices. It may also be beneficial for preventing stomach ulcers.

In a recent study, researchers used high dosages of aspirin to produce stomach ulcers in mice. The next step was to give cardamom extract to some of the rats to examine how it affected their ulcers. Cardamom extract fed to rats resulted in smaller.

The health of the liver

Cardamom is used in the practices of Ayurveda for its purifying effects. While there is not enough evidence to support this claim, it seems to have some beneficial effects on the liver, which is important for eliminating toxins from the human body.

One study included subjects who were overweight or obese and had nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. When compared to individuals who received a placebo, those who took green it pills demonstrated increases in liver health indices. Fewer ulcers than in control rats. Read more…

Oral Hygiene

It has been used for generations to freshen breath, despite the fact that many people equate mint and spices with that purpose.

They did so for more than just the flavour. It may aid in the fight against germs in the oral cavity, which is a common cause of foul respiration, dental cavities, and gum recession.

The Health of the Heart

Cardamom has been linked to improved heart health in experiments on animals, but more research is required before experts can determine how the spice impacts human heart health.

According to the results of a mouse study, it may help protect against heart attacks. The scientists speculate that its antioxidant properties may enhance cardiac function, but they emphasise the importance of human studies to support these results. Natural Life









Nutritional worth

It has some fiber and a number of vitamins and minerals. Additionally, it has extremely few calories and carbs.

18 calories

fat: 0.4 grams

4.0 g of carbs

1.6 g of fiber

0.6 g of protein

Additionally, it has a few different amounts of vitamins and minerals:

64.9 milligrams (mg) of potassium

22.2 mg calcium

0.81 mg iron

13.3 milligrams of magnesium

Potassium: 10.3 mg

Using it in cooking has not been linked to any known hazards or negative side effects. For the majority of people, using it as a spice and flavouring ingredient is healthy.

Its use in cuisine is not associated with any known risks or unfavorable consequences. It is generally considered a healthy flavour and taste component.

It has no established dosage when used as a supplement. Many cardamom pills or tablets claim to contain 400–500 milligrams of dried plant material per pill. Before ingesting its pills or any other natural nutrients, a person should consult a doctor.


It is safe for the majority of people to use in small amounts, even if many of its health advantages require more study.

Natural compounds found in cardamom have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that may benefit health. It is still too early to say if this herb may cure any diseases, though.

Honey Cardamom Chicken

Even if the honey chicken is already delicious, you have no idea how much better this version will be with cardamom added.

This chicken has been pre-bathed in a mixture of honey from bees, sherry, spice, and cardamom before being roasted.

When you prepare this, your kitchen will already smell beautiful!

However, This chicken dish will definitely be a favourite with the whole family thanks to its amazing combination of sweet, savory, and spicy ingredients.

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