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In Switzerland studying culinary arts

Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland is home to some of the best culinary schools worldwide and has the third-highest per capita number of Michelin-starred restaurants worldwide, so making your mark in the culinary arts there is very hard.

Due to Switzerland’s excellent educational system, earning a culinary degree from a Swiss culinary school can lead to numerous opportunities. The highly developed restaurant industry benefits local culinary schools as well, providing students with some very exciting internship opportunities.

The best approach to studying culinary arts in Switzerland if you want to become a chef is probably to work very hard and discipline yourself. It’s well known that Swiss people are highly efficient and disciplined, which are excellent qualities for a chef to develop

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A carefully compiled list of some of Switzerland’s top culinary schools can be found below.

1:Le Bouveret Monthey Switzerland

Culinary Arts- Academy- -Switzerland
Culinary Arts- Academy- -Switzerland

This culinary school is a branch of the Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland in Lucerne, and it is located in Port-Valais. Due to the Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland’s (Le Bouveret) handy location close to France’s border, students can travel there for day trips to participate in culinary-related instruction and experiences. The school is housed in a remodeled, opulent hotel from the turn of the 20th century and offers students access to cutting-edge technology.

Furthermore, the academy’s new Apicius Lab enables chefs to explore and collect recipes or gain knowledge of recent advances in fine dining and food styling. The world’s best chefs spend the day teaching students vital abilities at several masterclasses that are held throughout the year.

Enrolling in the Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland (Le Bouveret) costs between $20,000 and $65,000 annually, which covers all necessary appliances for cooking, uniforms, food, and housing.

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Fees and Scholarships

  • Culinary Arts Bachelor of Arts
  • Three years to complete the course
  • Tuition costs: CHF 103900 (plus additional fees)

Grand Diploma in Culinary Arts, Switzerland

  • Three terms (one year) make up the course duration.
  • The tuition fee is CHF 44100 (plus extra costs).

2: Lucerne’s Culinary Arts Academy in Switzerland

 Lucerne's- Culinary Arts -Academy in -Switzerland
Lucerne’s Culinary Arts -Academy in Switzerland

The Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland was founded in 1991 and has a few highly regarded partners, including Alessi and the Ritz Paris, which gives students access to a complex educational experience.

The school takes great satisfaction in teaching students how to become successful business owners in the culinary arts in addition to the fundamentals of the trade. A Bachelor of Culinary Arts degree, a Swiss Grand Diploma in Pastry and Chocolate, and a Diploma in Vegetarian Culinary Arts are among the many degrees that the Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland offers.


To apply to the school, candidates must fulfill certain requirements, including fluency in the English language and a minimum age of 18.

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Programs and Fees

An annual tuition of $20,000 to $40,000 is charged for the programs at this school. Payment plans and scholarships are offered. This culinary school meets with prospective employers twice a year at a recruitment forum to help with student employment.

3:Lucerne’s B.H.M.S. Culinary Arts School

Lucerne's- B.H.M.S.- Culinary Arts School
Lucerne’s B.H.M.S.- Culinary Arts School

The goal of the B.H.M.S. Culinary Arts School is to teach culinary students the fundamentals of traditional European cooking techniques and meals through practical methods like working with professional chefs. Students will learn modern cooking techniques after they have mastered these methods.

This Lucerne culinary arts school offers a robust curriculum that lets students start their culinary journey with a certificate and work their way up to a postgraduate degree in three years. So, in certain cases, students who meet the requirements can apply straight for admission to a particular degree program.

Here, students will learn how to prepare meals, bake bread, use cold kitchen techniques, and ensure food safety. Students at B.H.M.S. Culinary Arts School must also enroll in academic writing and foreign language classes. Depending on the program you enroll in, the cost of attending the school ranges from $10,000 to $55,000.

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Fees and Scholarships

  • Culinary Arts Diploma
  • Course length: 2 semesters
  • Tuition: CHF 26,100 (plus application fees, running costs, etc.)

Upgraded Culinary Arts Higher Diploma (CA Plus)

  • Duration of the course: two semesters
  • Tuition: CHF 27,100 (plus fees for applications, operations, etc.)Culinary Arts Bachelor’s Degree (Diploma in Higher CA plus)
  • Duration of the course: two semesters
  • Tuition: CHF 28100 (plus fees for applications, operations, etc.)

4: ICI International School of Culinary Arts Lucerne

ICI -International -School of Culinary -Arts Lucerne
ICI (International -School of Culinary Arts, Lucerne)

The ICI International Culinary Arts School, located in the historic city of Lucerne, offers students an extensive course selection that includes everything from learning how to sharpen knives to practicing effective time management in the kitchen. The school also boasts breathtaking views of the Alps.

The study of global cuisines and appropriate cooking techniques will also be imparted to the students. Culinary students meet and learn from professional chefs on trips throughout Switzerland and neighboring countries to assist with this.

Because the classes are so small, teachers can assist each student one-on-one. There are paid internships available, both in Switzerland and overseas. The cost of the program you sign up for will determine the fees you pay, which can range from $29,000 to $32,000 annually. Nonetheless, a lot of the essential supplies. Also, housing, medical insurance, and uniforms are covered by this price.

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Fees and Scholarships

International Culinary Arts Diploma

  • Duration of the course: 22 weeks
  • Tuition: CHF 24,500 (plus fees for lodging, meals, and registration)Advanced Certificate in International Culinary Arts (CA+)
  • Duration of the course: 22 weeks
  • Tuition: CHF 24,500 (plus fees for housing, food, and registration)International Culinary Arts Bachelor of Arts with Honors (Plus Higher Diploma in International CA)
  • Length of the course: 22 weeks
  • Tuition: CHF 26,000 (plus fees for housing, food, and registration)

5: Zurich’s La Cuisine Cooking School

Zurich's- La Cuisine -Cooking School
Zurich’s La Cuisine-Cooking School

In the center of Zurich, La Cuisine Cooking School is tucked away. Sämi Räss and Peter Bechter founded this school to encourage people who are interested in honing their culinary arts abilities.

Many classes covering subjects like the best ways to make sauces and how to use ceramic grills are available at La Cuisine Cooking School. Students will also learn the processes involved in making fresh pasta, pastries, tapas, and sausage, as well as how to put together well-known international dishes.

Professional chefs who specialize in particular cooking elements, like meat and herbs, will occasionally be invited to teach at La Cuisine Cooking School. Markus Burkhard, the Michelin-starred chef and owner of Jakob Restaurant, is one well-known figure who has taught at the school. Places can be reserved online, and classes are offered at different times and on different days of the week.

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Additionally, there are a few team cooking courses that can help you learn how to work together and interact with other people in the kitchen. The course costs will differ, but the majority are between $130 and $200.

6: ChuchiArt  Zurich’s Culinary Institute

ChuchiArt  Zurich's Culinary Institute
ChuchiArt  Zurich’s Culinary Institute

One of the best culinary schools in Zurich is ChuciArt, where students can learn both partner cooking and the basic skills of cooking. Thomas Spycher founded the school, which takes pride in using cutting-edge methods and creating tasty yet nutrient-dense meals and snacks. Making your own sausage, learning how to cook Thai food, and wine and beer pairing are just a few of the classes you can enroll in.

Spycher will provide advice on the best kitchen tools to use when cooking at home during your class. Recipe cards for the meals you prepare during your culinary adventure will also be given to you.

If you would like to attend a class at ChuciArt, you must make reservations well in advance. You can accomplish this by going to their website and completing a form that asks for your preferred visitation date and time. $100 is the average cost of the classes.

7:Zurich’s Urban Cooking School

Zurich's -Urban Cooking -School
Zurich’s -Urban Cooking School

After many years of serving the Zurich area, Urban Cooking School recently relocated to Bordeaux, France. For people who would like to become better chefs without having to deal with the burdens of pursuing a college degree, this cooking school is ideal.

Classes at Urban Cooking School range in duration from three to four hours, catering to both novices and experts. Every class focuses on a different theme, such as pasta-making, vegetarian cooking, or seafood, and uses fresh ingredients. Additionally, some classes feature international cuisines, such as Moroccan and Chinese dishes. Aquasana Home Water Filters

The school requires that students bring containers to class so they can carry the products they make home. You can also enroll in private classes with Australian chef Peter Hood, who has opened multiple restaurants in Sydney and around the globe, to learn the ins and outs of the industry. You can find out the cost of each class by contacting the school via email or by looking up the schedule online.

8: Hiltl Akademie Zurich

Hiltl -Akademie -Zurich

In addition to teaching students the fundamentals of cooking vegetarian and vegan food, this trendy culinary school delves into a variety of modern techniques and recipes that can be challenging to prepare. Professional chefs oversee students closely as they chop, sauté, and fry at Hiltl Akademie.

Enrolling in classes such as Moroccan Spices, Smoothie Blending, Cooking with Medicinal Plants, and Vegan Nutrition are among the options available to you. In addition, a lot of these courses are offered professionally for students who want a more challenging experience in the kitchen. A few are also targeted at children who want to learn the fundamentals of cooking.HearthSong

A chef who specializes in the cuisine being prepared leads each class. Most courses also include food that you can take home and recipes that you can make later. The typical price range for a class is between $60 and $200.

9:Swiss Culinary Arts Academy

Swiss Culinary Arts Academy
Swiss Culinary Arts Academy

The esteemed Culinary Arts Academy in Switzerland, a part of the Swiss Education Group, has a stellar reputation in the field of culinary education. This prestigious school, which only admits 300 students to its two campuses in the historic center of Lucerne and lakeside at Le Bouveret, places a strong emphasis on both culinary skills and entrepreneurship.

You can select from a variety of study programs as a student, ranging from short courses to three-year bachelor’s degrees.

Among the available courses are

Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts degree

  • Swiss Culinary Arts Grand Diploma
  • Grand Diploma in Chocolate and Pastry Arts, Swiss
  • Vegetarian Culinary Arts Diploma (beginning in mid-2020)

Additionally, by the end of 2020 or the start of 2021, they intend to launch a brand-new postgraduate degree program called the Master of International Business in Culinary Business Management.

Trainees like yourself can master international cuisine, from foundational basics to fine-dining techniques, thanks to the Culinary Arts Academy’s teaching methodology, which combines modern culinary trends with traditional techniques.

You’ll also have the chance to intern at prestigious establishments like Ritz Paris and Ritz Escoffier, which are industry leaders. Financial assistance and merit-based scholarships are also offered.

The following are the course fees, which cover both one or two terms per year and housing for students:

  • Program for a bachelor’s degree: from 19,543.00 SFr/term
  • Swiss Grand Diploma courses start at 17,000.00 Swiss Francs.
  • Term fees for the Diploma in Vegetarian Culinary Arts start at $17,000.00.
  • Master’s program: fees begin at 18,850.00 SFr per term.
  • At the Culinary Arts Academy, embrace your culinary adventure.
  • Switzerland, and allow their extensive programs to assist you in realizing your goals in the field of cuisine.

10:Swiss Tourism and Hospitality School (SSTH)—Passugg

Swiss- Tourism and -Hospitality School- (SSTH)—Passugg
Swiss- Tourism and -Hospitality School- (SSTH)—Passugg

A part of the world’s oldest and most renowned hotel management school, the EHL Group (Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne), is EHL Campus Passugg (EHL SSTH).
They set high standards for future guest experiences at the EHL Campus. Their small class sizes and distinctive Alpine campus make it the ideal location for their innovative approach to developing the hotel and restaurant concepts of the future.

Professional Programs are available

  • Kommunikationsfachfrau/-mann EFZ (Apprenticeship Diploma in German)  EHL Junior Academy: an English-language pre-university camp for teenagers• HF Diplom, the Swiss Professional Diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Management (available in German or English)• International Hospitality Management Bachelor’s Program at EHL (in English)• A range of professional short courses in German or English covering topics like pastry, HR, and gastronomy.


One of the best culinary schools in the country, Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland offers a variety of programs in culinary arts and hospitality management. Situated in Lucerne, it furnishes students with practical instruction and theoretical understanding to flourish in the culinary field. The academy prepares graduates for successful careers in restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality establishments worldwide, with an emphasis on Swiss culinary traditions and international cuisine.

Frequently Asked Question

Which Swiss culinary school is the best?

Due to the exceptional caliber of its instruction and facilities, Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland has earned the distinction of being the only culinary arts school to be ranked in the QS World University Rankings.

Where in the world is the best place to study culinary arts?

France is a traditional option because of its esteemed programs and long history of cuisine. Italy has a focus on using fresh ingredients and offers regional specialties. Thailand is well-known for its distinctive cuisine and street food scene. Japan, Mexico, or the US are further options if you’re looking for a varied food experience.

 How do we become chefs in Switzerland?

Switzerland Offers Short Courses in Culinary Arts

In addition to teaching students about nutrition, diet, and food science, culinary arts schools also teach them how to provide excellent customer service. Chefs and restaurant managers are the typical careers for culinary graduates.

Are Swiss chefs paid a good salary?

In Switzerland, a chef typically makes CHF 72’000 a year, or CHF 36.92 an hour. While most experienced workers make up to CHF 117’000 per year, entry-level positions start at CHF 58’550.

Who is Switzerland’s top female chef?

Top chef Tanja Grandits of Basel’s two-star restaurant Stucki is the 2017 recipient of the inaugural Swiss Michelin Female Chef Award.

What is the Grand Diploma of Switzerland?

Swiss Grand Diploma in Chocolate & Pastry Arts

Explore various methods, ingredients, and international cuisines to hone your palate and senses while mastering the foundations of the culinary arts.


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