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Culinary Schools in Switzerland for International Students

Culinary Schools in Switzerland for International Students

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Why is Switzerland the best country to study culinary arts?

Culinary Schools in Switzerland for International Students The culinary arts offer a rewarding and stimulating career for those who love cultural interaction and taste, which gives them opportunities to develop food that amazes or inspires. Cuisine enables people to combine creativity with tradition and inspiration. A culinary arts education provides graduates with an excellent opportunity for success. The secret to achieving success with your culinary arts is in choosing and developing the right schools and the right environments. The solution is Switzerland. Read More…

Eligibility for the 8 Best Culinary Schools in Switzerland

Are you looking for Switzerland’s best culinary schools?

A culinary cooking school is a place where students can learn the art and science of cooking and food preparation. Around the world, there are many various types of culinary schools, some dedicated to teaching professional chefs, others to amateur hobbyists, and yet others that combine the two. Read More…


  1.  Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland
  2.  List of the Best Culinary Schools in Switzerland
  3. Culinary Arts School (B.H.M.S.)
  4. Elite Hockey League Junior Academy
  5. Baking and Pastry Arts in Europe
  6. Hiltl Akademie (Germany)
  7. International Culinary Institute (ICI):
  8. Cooking School La Cuisine Read More…



The Church Art, created by Thomas Spycher in Regensbergstrasse 240, Zurich, Zurich 8050, is the top on our list of best culinary schools in Switzerland.

This school is regarded as one of the best for studying the fundamentals of cooking. You will learn meal preparation skills and many sorts of snack design, as well as choose and pursue a degree.

Those interested in studying here can also choose from some of the school’s affiliated programs, which include:

  1. Making sausage
  2. Learning Thai food and even
  3. Beer/wine pairing Read More…

If you’re interested in attending this school, use the official link below to make a reservation.

2. Swiss Culinary Arts Academy

Swiss Culinary Arts Academy
Swiss Culinary Arts Academy

The Culinary Arts Academy of Switzerland, or CAAS, is one of the greatest culinary schools in Switzerland, with an impressive track record that includes certification from the Worldchefs Global Education Network.

It is the only culinary school included in the QS World University Rankings. Read More…

Other appealing characteristics include:

  1. Providing her kids with outstanding academic learning opportunities
  2. Opportunity to collaborate with senior industry professionals.
  3. To transition from a novice to a professional, the school has carefully planned kitchen set-up criteria.
  4. It also gives students with needed academic modules that will widen their capacity to confidently apply what they have learned on a regular basis. Read More…

As a student, attending this school could be one of the best decisions you ever make.

3. Culinary Arts School (B.H.M.S.)

Culinary Arts School (B.H.M.S.)
Culinary Arts School (B.H.M.S.)

The Business hotel management school, located in Gütschstrasse 2, Lucerne, Lucerne 6003, is another top culinary school in Switzerland.

The American Culinary Federation Education Foundation Accrediting Commission has granted full accreditation to its bachelor’s degree, higher education, and culinary arts diplomas (ACFEF)

You can look into BHMS’s Eduqua certification.

The BHMS culinary art school offers internships in the latest applicable creative talents for standard meal preparation approaches for numerous hospitality industries.

The B.H.M.S culinary art curriculum provides excellent abilities such as:

  1. How to prepare traditional European cuisine
  2. As a starting point, learn how to make stocks and sauces.
  3. How to produce fantastic cuts Read More…


To be eligible for admission to this college, you must:

  1. You must be at least 17 years old.
  2. If you are an international student, you should have a minimum English proficiency score of 5.0 or equivalent ( IELTS),
  3. Have at least 11 years of secondary school teaching experience. Read More…


CHF500 application fee

A year of tuition costs CHF24,100.

CHF32,500 (tuition and extra living expenses).

Academic fee increament=CHF1000 per year

4. Junior Hockey League

Junior Hockey League
Junior Hockey League

EHL junior academy is one of Switzerland’s premier culinary schools, providing exceptional student academic experiences such as

  1. Hospitality opportunities
  2. Possibility of travel and entertainment
  3. Meetings with major brands and new ideas
  4. High-tech and research engagements that will enhance their business and professional skills.
  5. A five-month program of 25 masterclasses for students in the food and beverage industry.

Their top rating in the world university rankings and an industry award for their superior academic quality and procedures are among their many accomplishments.

You will learn all-around grounded culinary art techniques from globally qualified chefs and specialists in this academy as a young-minded entrepreneur looking to launch your own hospitality business. Read More…


Applicants must be between the ages of 14 and 18 to be eligible to apply for the EHL junior academy.

  1. For offline course applications, you must be 16 years or older.
  2. Baking and Pastry Arts in Europe

The European baking and pastry art, part of Switzerland’s hotel and tourism management college, is one of the greatest culinary schools in the country (HTML). Read More…

Students are exposed to the following learning benefits over the course of their 5-month academic study period:

  1. Handling, identifying, and explaining high-tech manufacturing equipment and processes.
  2. bake and prepare a variety of European and Swiss delicacies
  3. Techniques for making chocolates, pastries, and desserts.
  4. How to prepare and use Swiss professional and hygienic cooking techniques.

Please see the official link below for the most recent tuition charge information. Read More…

5. Hiltl Akademia

Hiltl Akademia 
Hiltl Akademia

 The following are some of the reasons why Hiltl Akademia is regarded as one of Switzerland’s premier culinary schools:

  1. It offers skilled chefs and professors from whom you can learn your best cooking techniques.
  2. You will be taken through the following short-term workshops as part of your subscription: Smoothie Blending, Vegan Nutrition, Moroccan Spices, and Cooking with Health Benefiting Plants.
  3. You’d learn about some unusual Swiss meal preparation techniques.

You will find their courses interesting if you are a student looking forward to learning the most innovative cooking skills. Read More…

6. ICI (International Culinary Institute)

ICI (International Culinary Institute)
ICI (International Culinary Institute)

The international culinary institute is one of Switzerland’s premier culinary schools, with specialists who teach and provide the greatest hospitality services.

It has lovely catchment areas for recreation, sightseeing, and relaxation, such as:

  1. Well-equipped campus near the beaches of Lake Lucerne; picturesque setting for sightseeing. Read More…

7. Switzerland has many interesting towns.

Switzerland has many interesting towns.
Switzerland has many interesting towns.

The well-equipped kitchens for comprehensive practical approach for international students, as well as the utilization of modern technical approaches for all forms of learning, are also among the ICI’s attractive aspects. Read More…


As an international student, you must have an English language competence score of at least 4.5. Read More…

Fees for general education:

You can make all essential payments for your chosen program, hotel, meal reservations, and other medical expenditures from around 28250.00 CHF to CHF 31,850. Read More…

8. Cooking School La Cuisine

Cooking School La Cuisine
Cooking School La Cuisine

Another of Switzerland’s best culinary schools in the La Cuisine Cooking School, which is the best alternative cooking school if you don’t want to study culinary arts.

The following areas and benefits are covered in some of the classes given by this school: Read More…

  1. How to utilize ceramic grills and how to make the greatest sauce
  2. How to prepare well-known international dishes and package them.
  3. Among other things, learn how to prepare fresh croissants, pasta, sausages, and tapas.
  4. Has online class reservations, and the times and methods of learning allow students to participate at their leisure.
  5. Learning from famous professional trainers who are experts in specific areas of meal preparation
  6. You’d learn about basic kitchen relationship strategies (teamwork)

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