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Food Combinations That People Enjoy

Food Combination Although eating is supposed to be enjoyable, sometimes we develop a routine of sticking to our tried-and-true meal combinations. The traditional dishes are undoubtedly comforting, but experimenting with different cuisines can reveal fascinating new flavors.

You can discover a world of delightful surprises when you approach food with an open mind. So forget about booking anything; get ready to sample some odd but delicious food combinations.

Here are 21 food combinations that, despite their peculiar appearance, people enjoy: spicy as well as sweet, creamy, and salty!

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1: Coca-Cola and Chicken

Coca-Cola- and- Chicken
Coca-Cola- and- Chicken

There’s a good reason why “Cola Chicken” recipes abound. There is merit to using soda for frying chicken, even though the majority of people are more familiar with it in a drinkable form. It is still, when you think about it, a salty-sweet combination. Furthermore, it’s not all that strange when compared to other sweet meat flavorings like sweet barbecue sauce or teriyaki.

2: Balsamic and Strawberries

Balsamic- and strawberries
Balsamic- and strawberries

An old Italian trick that surprisingly works well is to combine strawberries with balsamic vinegar. Strawberries’ naturally sweet taste is enhanced by the savory balsamic flavor, which accentuates their juicy texture. Curious? Try our recipe for Grilled Strawberry Shortcake with a strawberry-balsamic combo.

3:Olive and Tuna

Olive -and Tuna
Olive -and Tuna

I suppose this combination tastes similar to tuna and relish. It was also highly recommended in our vegetarian Facebook group. But I understand! The perfect balance of salt and cream can be found in a tuna sandwich topped with briny olives and creamy mayo.

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4: Feta Cheese and Watermelon

Feta Chees and Watermelon
Feta Chees and Watermelon

You can thank the Greeks for this unusual combination of watermelon and feta, or just plain watermelon salad. For an even more unexpectedly good combination, add olives.

5: Fries and Ice Cream

Fries- and Ice-Cream
Fries- and ice cream

It turns out your friends were right on the money if you’ve ever pulled faces when they dipped fries into a Wendy’s Frosty or a McDonald’s McFlurry. This elevates the harmony of sweet and salty to a new height. You’re combining not just the flavors but also the coolness of the ice cream and the heat of a brand-new box of fries. It’s simultaneously hot, cold, sweet, and salty‚ÄĒwhat’s not to love? It’s impossible to determine which courageous person tried this combination first. Whoever they are, we appreciate them nonetheless.
Still not persuaded that people like this flavor? Ask Coolhaus! The company offers a pint of “Milkshake & Fries” ice cream, which is blended vanilla ice cream with bits of fries and malt balls.

6:Pizza and Pineapples

Pizza -and Pineapples
Pizza -and Pineapples

There is a legend that the idea of putting tropical fruit on pizza originated with a Greek restauranteur who was living in Canada. The combination of pineapple, mozzarella, and tomato sauce is highly controversial among proponents of meatless Hawaiian pizza, but it’s hard to find a more divided opinion on this list.

7: Peanut Butter and Ramen

Peanut Butter and Ramen
Peanut Butter and Ramen

The next time you cook instant ramen, add a dollop of peanut butter, suggests one microwave-based innovator. You could also use this combination with non-instant ramen. An incredible peanut sauce can be made at home as a result.

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8:Toast with Peanut Butter and Eggs

Toast with- Peanut Butter- and Eggs
Toast with- Peanut Butter and Eggs

Are you trying to think of a fun way to add some sweetness to a classic egg sandwich or a half-egg sandwich? Before spreading the eggs on top of the toasted bread, one adventurous chef suggests spreading peanut butter on it.

9: Ice cream and Olive Oil

Ice cream -and Olive Oil
Ice cream -and Olive Oil

You may be wary of this combination if you haven’t tried it, but many people vouch for it. Try topping vanilla ice cream with a few sea salt flakes and a drizzle of olive oil for a deliciously salty-sweet combination. You won’t be sorry.

If you live somewhere with a scoop shop, you could also try olive oil gelato. However, you may be pleasantly surprised to discover that you like the taste if you can put together the olive oil sundae yourself.

Additionally, here’s how to buy the best olive oil for any dish you’re cooking if you’re in the market for a new bottle. Aquasana Home Water Filters

 10:Burgers and Peanut Butter

Burgers- and Peanut Butter
Burgers- and Peanut ButterBurgers- and Peanut Butter

This is more of a salt and more salt situation, even though many of the options on this list rely on salty-sweet combinations. Beef patties will be more juicy if melted peanut butter is added during the formation process. Try combining Thai peanut sauce with your next burger for an even more adventurous take on the combo and a flavor combination that will stick in your memory.

11: Chips and Chocolate

Chips- and Chocolate
Chips- and Chocolate

This one’s for you if you’ve ever dumped an entire box of M&Ms into your popcorn at the movies. There’s a reason potato chips covered in chocolate exist: the combination of sweetness and saltiness is incredibly tasty. Although Lay’s chocolate-covered potato chips were first introduced in 2013, the relationship predates that by much. (We don’t blame you if you’d rather continue dipping your Lay’s in French onion dip.)

12: Pickled Brine and Chicken

Pickled Brine -and Chicken
Pickled Brine -and Chicken

We’ve already given in to the idea of frying chicken in Coca-Cola at this point, so chicken in pickle brine seems pretty standard in comparison. There are rumors that Chick-fil-A cooks their chicken in pickle brine, which could account for the popularity of the fast-food restaurant. The pickle brine preserves the meat’s natural flavor without making it taste too sweet.

13: Ranch Dressing and Ketchup

Ranch Dressing -and Ketchup
Ranch Dressing -and Ketchup

Heinz is now producing “Kranch” in bottles due to the popularity of the orange-hued dressing created by combining ketchup with ranch. It seems like the dressing would go well with salads, sandwiches, and fries. And at home, you can always mix your own.

14: Avocado and Chocolate

Avocado -and Chocolate
Avocado -and Chocolate

Did you know that the world’s first people to introduce avocados and chocolate were the Mayans? Furthermore, even though avocados are generally thought of as savory fruits, the Mayans frequently combine avocados with chocolate. So check out the history before you assume that this is an odd food pairing! Thank goodness, this combo is returning as more people discover how ideal creamy avocado is for creating mouthwatering chocolate mousse!

15: Mashed Potatoes and Cream Corn

Mashed Potatoes -and Cream Corn
Mashed Potatoes -and Cream Corn

Creamed corn and mashed potatoes are a dinnertime staple for anyone from the Midwest. Not to disparage my grandmother’s potatoes, but the creamy corn adds a little sweetness and texture to the mashed potatoes, keeping them from being too gloopy.

16: Cheese and Apple Pie

Cheese -and Apple Pie
Cheese- and – Apple Pie

Apples and cheese go together well, but what about cheese and apple pie? It tastes great, too, I can attest to that! You can also quickly sample it by making our Savory Apple Tart with feta and ricotta cheese if you don’t feel like baking an entire pie.

17: Sugar Powder and French Fries

Sugar Powder -and French Fries
Sugar Powder -and French Fries

Back to a combination that, at last, leaves us wondering why we never considered it. As tasty as ice cream and french fries are together, how about replacing the ice cream with something equally tasty but less sugary? That means the combination of powdered sugar and French fries would be amazing.

18: Pizza with Broccoli

Pizza with- Broccoli
Pizza with- Broccoli

While some people will always detest broccoli in any form, others may find that pizza makes broccoli seem bland and uninteresting.

19: Orange Juice and Cereal

Orange Juice- and Cereal
Orange Juice- and Cereal

Before plant-based milk became available, people who were intolerant to dairy used to frequently pair this food with other foods. Even though it is much less common now, some people still enjoy their cereal with refreshing orange juice.

20: Jello and Sandwiches with Ham and Cheese

Jello and -Sandwiches -with Ham and Cheese
Jello and sandwiches -with Ham and Cheese

You have likely eaten ham and cheese sandwiches with jelly if you have ever attended a church potluck. His combination is based on the idea of contrasting salty ham and cheese with sweet jelly. I mean, the theory is sound!

21:Popping Corn and Ice Cream

Popping Corn -and Ice Cream
Popping Corn -and Ice Cream

Sweet ice cream and salty popcorn are a great combination, just like fries and milkshakes. Even ice cream flavors with buttered popcorn and popcorn chunks are available!


To create harmonious flavor profiles, maximize nutritional value, and improve digestion, food combinations are paired together in meals or dishes. In this process, aspects like flavor, texture, aroma, and nutritional compatibility are frequently taken into account. Meals that are well-balanced and satisfying and that support general health and well-being can be prepared with care by combining different foods. Sustaining energy can be achieved by combining foods high in protein with carbohydrates, balancing a dish by combining acidic and fatty ingredients, or enhancing its flavor and texture with a variety of combinations. Ultimately, well-considered meal pairings can improve eating enjoyment and support a diet richer in variety and nutrients.

Frequently Asked Question

Which food tastes the best?


When potatoes (and sweet potatoes, too!) are eaten raw, they become even more nutritious and full of fiber. As previously mentioned, the Satiety Index study determined that potatoes were the food that satisfied people the most.

What foods are power pairs?

To get the most out of your nutrition, try these five power combinations.

  • Both sweet potatoes and eggs. You’ll have a difficult time finding any food on the planet that is more nutrient-dense than an egg.
    Fresh Horseradish and broccoli.
  • Kale and salmon.
  • Bell peppers with quinoa.
  • Carrots and Avocado.

Are bananas safe to eat at night?

A healthy snack that is good for your sleep is a banana. Rich in minerals like potassium, magnesium, and vitamin B6, bananas can help you get a better night’s sleep. These nutrients promote the synthesis of hormones that control sleep, such as melatonin and serotonin, and help lessen tension and anxiety as well as muscle cramps.

Which food makes you feel more emotional?

High concentrations of flavonoids (found in citrus fruits, some berries, onions, spinach, and dark chocolate), healthy fats (found in avocado, salmon, tuna, or halibut), and/or nitrates (found in beetroot, root vegetables, garlic, pine nuts, and watermelon) are the best foods to boost your libido.

How do we become faster?

Increase Your Water Consumption

Every meal should start with a full glass of water to help fill your stomach and encourage you to eat less than you otherwise might have. Taking sip intervals during your meal will help you eat more slowly and less in total while maintaining a full feeling.

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