food events in Italy

food events in Italy
food events in Italy

 Food events in Italy the conventional throwing of oranges dates returned to about 1800. within the center ages, even extra, battles have been held by beans. today battles have endured on the principal streets around the town between carts (a symbol of the guards of feudalism) and dozens of foot orange-throwing infantrymen. The Orange war is a historical event at some point during Carnival in Ivrea.ReadMore…

3 successful street food Events in Italy.

3 successful street food Events in Italy.
3 successful street food Events in Italy.

Food events in Italy, the range of street food-associated events are distinctly growing in the last few years. gala’s, festivals, food, and wine events, or even city festivals select to offer an attractive choice with food vans that cook and sell street food.

Those Trucks nowadays are real restaurants on wheels. And offer great food that can integrate modern. And traditional kitchens, nearby and international, in an appealing and wonderful manner.

Present-day street food is turning into a catalyst for economic growth. And socio-cultural innovation – on one hand. It offers to many, as non-public citizens, shops, or even organizations. The chance to broaden their business and promote it on the street. However, creates new gathering moments, and gives new lifestyles to buddies relationships. Recovers the neighborhood dimension. Rekindles it with flavors from all around the world. We introduce here three street food events in Italy. That inside the last few years have drawn interest with the exception of food. And food vans and the top-notch public achievement. Read More…

3 Grand food Street Events in Italy:

3 Grand food Street Events in Italy
3 Grand food Street Events in Italy

1. Castle-street food

2. Urban & Lake Street food festival

3. Mangia street food competition


1. Citadel Street Food

Citadel Street Food
Citadel Street Food

Subtitle: An Italian “Merenda”. Underlying the recuperation of culinary traditions and production craftsmanship.

This event become born in the province of Parma in 2015 and it includes every person: youngsters, kids, and families. Its goal is to transform street food right into a risk to re-discover culture and inventiveness. Traditions connected to that vicinity. food track and birthday parties come to be an excuse to stay in the territory. And depart in legacy better attention of its historic and cultural fee. Read More…

Gianluca Capedri

The layout was an idea of Gianluca Capedri, in charge of the instructional project “Merenda Italiana”, and became promoted by way of the conversation organization Giroidea.

In its first version in Fontanellato, castle road food supplied scrumptious food and a great gastronomic variety, a sequence of activities to enjoy the meals subculture, like show cookings, workshops, and truckers demanding situations. moreover, cooks and massive names of the food events in Italy industry answered, together with authors of books about street meals. There had been even laboratories for children on the subject of “Merenda”. All harmonized with track and DJ sets.

at some stage in the three days of “gastronomic siege” road ACADEMY turned into supplied, a very exciting task. meals truckers have proven the need to have a “guide”, so with the assistance of qualified teachers, there have been short instructions on various subjects, from the precise communication to a way to alternate the menu in keeping with the precise avenue food events.

The subject matter of the citadel street food that occurred in April 2017 changed into Robin meals. A four-days-journey wherein the whole place of the fortress. Navigable moat included, turned into transformed into the County of Nottingham. And the Sherwood forest. in this manner, the general public becomes drawn to suggests in a gown. Medieval battles, and dwells through expert actors. Read More…

Present Street food:

And after the shows, when cravings started, the ever-present road food: Panzerotti, meatballs, tigelle, Mondeghini Lombardi, hamburger of Chianina meat, little of Salento, frittata of Cascina, Arrosticini Abruzzese, chickpeas farinata, bears and artisanal ice-cream, just to mention some of the delicacies “on the road” supplied by the food truckers from all over. Read More…




The first version of this festival befell in 2016 in Varese. In Piazza Della Repubblica and at least 30.000, humans attended the events.
This year the events have advanced into a 6 stops excursion. Beginning in Varese in May, which has already stopped. In Rho and Arona. The subsequent forestall is a 3-days in Sesto Calende, on the seventh, 8th, and 9th on the Ticino rivers’ banks. More data about all stops at the respectable website:
The Urban & Lake Street Food Festival is an occasion realized in collaboration with some important companies of the territory, like baVARESE PROST FEST, l’ASD Rolling Maple e Twiggy Cafè. They will brighten up the selected locations for the 3 days competition. with events that goal to engage children and families as they combine. Accurate food, music, sport, design, and amusement. Read More…

Da Domani

Da domani a Sesto Calende, the lakeside will be enlivened with about 30 contemporary meal trucks from throughout Italy. They are true mobile eating places and offer gourmet meals with incredible substances.
If street food is surely the center of the offer of this competition. The track is the aspect dish that enhances it.
Live performances with large names of the jazz country-wide. And International scene, brilliant atmospheres to the sound of a trumpet. violin, san, and percussions. DJs and musicians take turns in mixing distinctive styles with exceptional DJ units.
And then indicates skateboard competitions. Live to portray, street artists, and clowns. And jugglers will all make contributions to complete up. The days of the competition with colors and pleasure. Read More…


The food trucks that participate in the Urban & Lake Street Food Festival offer local and global cuisine: from Arrosticini to tacos and burritos, from fried fish cartocci to fancy Japanese sushi, from self-made meatballs to US bagels, paella, and sangria from Spain, products from Salento, Sicilian cannoli, Brazilian Picanha and much greater!
Among the excellent food trucks, glaringly, there are VS Veicoli Speciali vans:
1. Ape Bedda
2. Bobson
3. Rock Burger
4. L’Apuccia
5. BBQ Valdichiana
6. Dillo Food Truck. Read More…




Mangia Street Food Festival is an itinerant wine and food event devoted to street food and to the first-rate food Truck in Italy. Food Trucks are automobiles with a fully-ready kitchen constructed on them that could offer sparkle. And pleasant food to each day greater traumatic public.
The purpose of the pageant is to permit people to attempt connoisseur street food regional and neighborhood traditional recipes.
The layout became imported in Italy from America and it’s far expanding a lot that even vital cooks are embracing the idea of the transferring restaurant to sell their delicacies and specialties.
After the fulfillment of the first edition in San Donà di Piave (Venice) in September 2016, the Mangia Street Tour became prepared in 2017, the itinerant version of the Mangia Street Food Festival, in an effort to undergo various cities in Triveneto.

Track, DJ Units

In MARCH, there has been an event in Pordenone. Three days of quality food and fun, 18 among the quality food vehicles in Italy. Live track, DJ units, and avenue artists.
APRIL, the Tour stopped in San Donà di Piave, which brighten up the town with cooking specialties of all kinds and for all tastes, DJ sets, unique suggestions, stay performances of essential artists, and a laugh for all people. Read More…

In MAY, the competition touched Stra, inside the suggestive location of Villa Loredana. One of the maximum attractive houses in Riviera del Brenta.
In June, the Festival Reached Baia del Forte in the province of Mestre. Here as well there have been bands and street artists. Indicates, songs, and unique meal trucks to indulge the palate of old and young.
An interesting video about the Bobson food truck at the Mangia Street Food Festival: Read More…

The Advantages Of Taking Part In a Street Food Festival.

The Advantages Of Taking Part In a Street Food Festival.
The Advantages Of Taking Part In a Street Food Festival.

Why a dealer should Participate in a street food Event? Here are some correct motives:
1. Accessing a brilliant range of clients
2. Promoting your products to an extensive public in just a few days
3. Entering a specific context that highlights the exceptional of food and of meals vehicles
4. Relating to other meals truckers and organizing an internet, that would provide useful information for your enterprise
5. Opening opportunities outdoor the conventional channels, gaining visibility and reputation in the zone
6. Exploiting the event to raise your recognition on social networks and the net Read More…


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