food festival in Turkey 2022

food festival in Turkey 2022
food festival in Turkey 2022

International food products and processing technology exhibition

However,  Food festival in Turkey 2022, WorldFood Istanbul is the global assembly area of the Turkish food industry. And will also, launch a variety of the latest product categories inside the food international. With the participation of more than 1,000 brands in the TUYAP Fair. However, each year brings over 360 Turkish and International food manufacturers from across the USA. It is also, together in Istanbul to fulfill Turkish customers for networking, negotiations, and sales transactions. WorldFood Istanbul is also, the main market leader in Turkey considering the fact that 1993. It has refracted industry traits, initiated global cooperation in the discipline, and delivered new foods and drinks products.

Food & Beverages exhibitions Turkey 2022

Date Exhibition name City and Exhibition center
18.01.2022 Anfas Food Product 2022 Antalya, Antalya Expo Centre (AEC)
10.03.2022 IBAKTECH 2022 Istanbul, Istanbul CNR Expo
31.03.2022 Inter Fresh Eurasia 2022 Antalya, Antalya Expo Centre (AEC)
25.05.2022 Food & Nutritional Ingredients 2022 Istanbul, Istanbul Expo Center (IFM)
26.05.2022 Olivetech 2022 Izmir, Izmir International Fair Cente (İZFAŞ)
31.08.2022 CNR Food Istanbul 2022 Istanbul, Istanbul CNR Expo
01.09.2022 WorldFood Istanbul 2022 Istanbul, Istanbul Tuyap Fair Convention, And Congress Center
12.10.2022 Food-Tech Eurasia 2022 Istanbul, Istanbul Tuyap Fair Convention, And  Congress Center
01.12.2022 OIC Halal Expo 2022 Istanbul, Istanbul Congress Center




WorldFood Istanbul is also, the superior International Exhibition in Turkey. For the food and Drinks Industry. With participating groups and visitors from Turkey, MENA, and also, Everywhere in the world. food festival in Turkey 2022

You are Turkish, and you are also, within the meals enterprise. Say you also, need to get the internal scoop on Turkey’s latest food and drink traits. Discover new merchandise, or meet sparkling enterprise partners. However, Where are you able to do all this, in one region, underneath one roof? WorldFood Istanbul. Read More…

WorldFood Istanbul is Turkey’s main food and drinks exhibition


However, for visitors, the show gives a wining mixture of:

Exposure to new improvements and it is also, products hitting the market

Access to global and however, domestic corporations

Opportunities to forge relationships with also, providers and producers

Istanbul, given that time immemorial, has bridged the space between Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. However, WorldFood Istanbul has been doing the identical for the food network for 27 years now.

Always a large favorite with world Food and also, Drinks Producers. WorldFood Istanbul might be beginning its doors to global companies another time in 2020. So some distance, the show has confirmed participation from groups from around the world – ready to participate within the WorldFood logo’s specific VIP buyers software and Retail Centre. Read More…




1. Canned Meat

2. Canned Fish

3. Milk & Cream

4. Butter

5. Snack Foods

6. Spices

7. Meat and also, Meat Products

8. Poultry

9. Teas

10. Coffees

11. Fish

12. Caviar

13. Seafood

14. Biscuits and also, Cakes

15. Eastern Sweets and also, Halva

16. Like as Frozen Vegetables, Berries and also, and Fruit

17. Frozen Fish and also, Seafood

18. Fresh Fruit and  also, Berries

19. Vegetables Fresh and also, Herbs

20. Fresh and also, Processed Mushrooms

21. However, gluten-Free Products

22. Natural and also, Organic Food

23. Other Healthy and also, Organic Products

24. Carbonated and also, Fruit Flavoured Drinks

25. Juices

26. Food components

27. Refrigeration Compression Systems

28. Scales

29. However Market Equipment

30. Cold Chain Services

31. Transportation Cold and also, Equipment

32. Cold Storage and also, Equipment

33. Transport and also, Logistics Services

34. Such as Refrigerated Storage

35. Such as Cleaning Types of equipment

36. However, Wet Wipes Read More…

WorldFood Istanbul has greater to offer than just the exhibition stands


Any exchange display well worth its salt gives greater than just a packed exhibition corridor to its site visitors. It must additionally present all of the gear attendees want to develop their industry understanding and get face-to-face contact with businesses large and small.

At WorldFood Istanbul, You may also, discover a Comprehensive Industry Application. Full of Events, Talks, Seminars, and also, Conferences. food festival in Turkey 2022

Then there may be the VIP consumers software. This is also, a relatively useful networking tool that has added collectively loads of worldwide agencies. Also, Turkish importers and outlets are coming again this 12 months for greater of the identical. Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, The  UAE, Iran, and Kosovo are coming to WorldFood Istanbul Particularly to take part in the VIP Consumers Application.

There is likewise the event’s regular application of guest speakers, meetings, and round-tables. The speaker listing has yet to be set in stone, but you could wager it’s going to provide an informative mixture of marketplace expertise, enterprise-vital information, and matchmaking. Read More…

Two Events in one location

Two Events in one location
Two Events in one location

Food festival in Turkey 2022Co-positioned with WorldFood Istanbul is ColdChain Eurasia. However, the vicinity’s first dedicated occasion for the temperature-managed shipping area. Such as the hunt for chilled transportation offerings to and from Turkey. Or specialized garage facilities? This is also, the event for you. Read More…

ColdChain Eurasia’s exhibitor’s cowl everything of the meals delivers chain, imparting offerings for:

ColdChain Eurasia’s
ColdChain Eurasia’s

1. Food manufacture and also, supply

2. Fruit and also, vegetables

3. Meat also, dairy

4. Seafood and also, fish

5. Frozen and also chilled

6. Agriculture also, horticulture

7. Wholesale, distribution also, retail

8. Transportation Read More…


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