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Top 11 French Culinary Schools

French culinary schools, success in the culinary industry has always been challenging. It requires stamina, dedication, a passion for food, and the capacity to withstand the challenges and competition of this field. Formal education in the culinary arts provides you with the technical skills necessary to succeed in this demanding and sometimes brutal field. Attending culinary school is a great way to get started in the industry. Furthermore, you can only develop the mental discipline required to perform well under duress through official training.

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Thus, if you want to pursue a career in cooking with skill, you should consider dedicating your time to enrolling in one of France’s esteemed culinary schools. So, given their significant influence in the food industry, French culinary schools offer a wealth of opportunities for their future chefs. French cuisine is among the most prestigious and reputable in the world. However, to prepare you to run your restaurant. They teach you basic abilities like menu planning, capacity design, cost control, legal knowledge, and techniques for management.

You can read about the top 20 culinary schools in Europe as well as the top 11 culinary schools in France in this article.

1: Le Cordon Bleu Paris

 Le- Cordon- Bleu -Paris
Le- Cordon- Bleu -Paris

Le Cordon Bleu Paris, one of the most famous culinary schools, was established in Paris in 1895 and is currently ranked fourth in the world.
It is now considered the world’s largest network of culinary and hospitality schools. Le Cordon Bleu has more than 35 institutes spread across 20 countries, training 20,000 students of over 100 nationalities annually. So, this organization is regarded as the defender of French methods.

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Le Cordon Bleu offers a range of diplomas in culinary arts and management, as well as professional training for individuals wishing to progress in their careers and short courses for novices and curious parties.

Le Grand Diplôme is a comprehensive and demanding program that combines the Diplôme de Pâtisserie and the Diplôme de Cuisine. It teaches traditional French cooking techniques.

Additional programs include:

  • Program for Professional Bakers
  • Program for Professional Pastry Chefs
  • Advanced Course in Baking and Pastry
  • Program for Artisanal Bread and Bakery

2: Paul Bocuse Institute


One of the most renowned chefs in France, Paul Bocuse, was the driving force behind the “culinary” French Revolution. He used his creative force to carefully consider the culinary methods. The use of seasonal and fresh ingredients in his dishes and the visual presentation of his food. Through his accumulation of knowledge and expertise, as well as his dissemination of this novel idea to the younger generation. Therefore, he founded the Paul Bocuse Institute, one of the top culinary schools in France. It is one of the best French culinary institutes because each student graduates with comprehensive knowledge. About food, taste, smell, and visual presentation—all important skills. So, for a chef—thanks to additional resources like culinary labs, research centers, sensory analysis laboratories, and international partnerships.

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Popular Paul Bocuse Institute Courses

  • International Culinary Bachelor’s Degree
  • Masters in Innovation and Leadership in Culinary Arts

3:La Varenne Cooking School

La -Varenne -Cooking- School
La -Varenne -Cooking- School

One of the oldest French culinary schools, La Varenne Cooking School, has made it their unofficial mission to teach and train students in French cuisine to spread that love throughout the country. La Varenne Cooking School, which takes its name from the man who invented French cooking, is among the best places to study French cooking and gain insight into the techniques of classic French cooking. The secret to producing the best chefs at this school is to teach them how to develop practical skills, create various culinary techniques, comprehend the nuances of French cooking and taste, pair foods, and—above all—find creative ways to express themselves in the kitchen.
Simply WholesaleLa Varenne, in contrast to many other cooking schools in France. Caters to both novice chefs and seasoned culinary professionals who have been making significant strides in the restaurant business.

Popular Programs  La Varenne Cooking School

  • French Cooking Essentials
  • Pairing Wine and Food: An Art Form
  • Baking and Pastry
  • Cooking from farm to table

Some of the biggest names in the kitchen industry and home cooks have received training from La Varenne Cooking School. Mashama Bailey, Roscoe Betsill, Nathalie Dupree, and many others are a few! Renowned restaurateurs. So, cookbook writers, food writers, and caterers. Those who are well-known in the majority of French culinary schools are among the alumni of this network.

4: Ferrandi Paris

Ferrandi -Paris
Ferrandi -Paris

The famous cooking school Ferrandi Paris, which has a rich history dating back to 1920, is located in the center of Paris, France. It is one of the top French culinary institutes because of its programs in French cuisine, pastry arts, baking, and culinary management. So, Ferrandi guarantees that students gain a thorough understanding of the culinary arts by combining theoretical knowledge with practical, hands-on training. Therefore, Ferrandi places a strong emphasis on professional development via internships and career placement services, establishing strong industry connections that help cultivate successful culinary careers. Ferrandi Paris is a distinguished institution that prepares students for successful careers in the culinary arts. Its credentials include an impressive culinary heritage, demanding training programs, and industry affiliations.

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Popular Programs at Ferrandi Paris

  • Essentials of French culinary arts
  • The Art of Farm-to-Table Cooking
  • Wine and Food Pairing,
  • Pastry and Baking

5: Ecole de Cuisine Alain Ducasse

École de cuisine Alain -Ducasse
Ecole- de -Cuisine Alain -Ducasse

The School of Cooking Renowned restaurateur Alain Ducasse is the director of an international culinary school for students from around the world. However, French chef Alain Ducasse is well-known and well-respected for his accomplishments in the culinary world, including winning Chef of the Year and having 20 Michelin stars for his restaurants. Alain Ducasse has founded a school that exemplifies all of his objectives and expertise. Including promoting French cuisine, making cooking an approachable art, and sharing his culinary knowledge. All facets of culinary art, such as baking, wine, pastry, cuisine, etc., are taught at a French cooking school. like the Ecole de Cuisine Alain Ducasse.

Ecole de Cuisine Alain Ducasse’s Most Popular Courses

  • Bachelor of Science in Enology and Viticulture
  • Wine and Vine Science Master’s Program
  • Graduate Program in Wine Management
  • Professional Certification in Sensory Analysis and Wine Tasting

6: Ecole Bellouet Conseil

Ecole -Bellouet -Conseil

Everyone’s favorite food in the world to eat is French confectionery. Therefore, taking patisserie courses in France—also known as the world’s sweetest haven—makes perfect sense. So, Ecole Bellouet Conseil is one of the best French culinary institutes and a premier institution for learning about pastry making and baking out of all the pastry schools in France. The school was founded by the well-known pastry chef Jean-Luc Bellouet. And it has been producing the best-trained pastry chefs who thrive on their expertise, mentoring, and unwavering love for the art. The institute offers a variety of courses. Including programs in baking and bread making, chocolate and confectionery, and professional pastry arts.

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These courses are all meant to push you in the direction of an upward career graph. Moreover, the rich, seasoned faculty at Ecole Bellouet Conseil distinguishes the school from others by bringing a wealth of knowledge to the table. The school’s abundance of resources, including pastry labs, sensory labs, research development centers, libraries, collaborative learning spaces, etc., is the icing on the cake. So, these resources have kept students interested in their studies and provided them with an environment. That is stimulating and has allowed them to reach their full potential in the real world of pastry making.

Popular Programs at Bellouet Conseil School

  • Program for Advanced Pastry Methods
  • Program for Plated Desserts
  • Program for Chocolate and Confectionery

If baking is your passion, Ecole Bellouet Conseil is generally regarded as one of the best French culinary schools. It is also the ideal road map for mastering French baking.

7: Gastronomicom – Agde

Gastronomicom - Agde
Gastronomicom – Agde

Gastronomicom provides a singular and immersive culinary experience. It is located in the charming coastal town of Agde in the south of France. However, this unique school offers a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea as a unique backdrop for foodies to refine their techniques. With its diverse range of culinary and pastry programs. So, Gastronomicom enables students to delve into the intricate customs and delectable tastes of the area. The school is a desirable option for individuals. Who wish to master both traditional French cooking and Mediterranean flavors because it incorporates local ingredients and cuisine into its curriculum.

Gastronomicom – Agde’s Popular Courses

  • The Arts of Cooking and French Cuisine
  • Bakery and Pastry Arts
  • Gourmet Cooking Retreat
  • French Mediterranean Food

8:Ecole Grégoire-Ferrandi

Ecole Grégoire-Ferrandi
Ecole Grégoire-Ferrandi

A famous culinary school connected to the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry is called Ecole Grégoire-Ferrandi. And it is situated in the center of Paris. It is renowned for its superb baking and culinary arts programs. Which gives students the chance to become experts in French cooking. So, with a long history and a focus on practical instruction, the school equips future pastry chefs and chefs with the skills they need to succeed in the culinary industry. Modern facilities and knowledgeable teaching make Ecole Grégoire-Ferrandi an excellent option for students. Looking for a top-notch culinary education in the center of France’s culinary capital?

Popular Courses École Grégoire-Ferrandi

  • Diploma in Culinary Arts
  • Diploma in Pastry Arts
  • Baking Bread and Bakery Crafts
  • Gastronomy and Wine

9: Institute of Vine and Wine Sciences University of Bordeaux (ISVV)

Institute of Vine -and Wine- Sciences University- of Bordeaux (ISVV)
Institute of Vine -and Wine- Sciences University- of Bordeaux (ISVV)

The University of Bordeaux’s Institute of Vine and Wine Sciences offers a fantastic opportunity to all wine fans. Should you wish to arm yourself with an A-Z guide to wine, covering topics. Such as plant biology, wine chemistry, wine law, spirit marketing, wine business management, and wine production techniques, among others. So, this university may serve as your starting point for a refined wine career. ISVV is committed to helping each student succeed by emphasizing research, teaching, and technology transfer—all of which are good indicators of a wine expert—in its bachelor’s and master’s programs.

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However, as one of the best French culinary institutes, the university also has partnerships with other universities. Also, wine tycoons, research organizations, and industry associations enhance the richness of your experience and prepare students for real-world business management.

Popular Programs at Bordeaux University: ISVV

  • Bachelor of Science in Enology and Viticulture
  • Wine and Vine Science Master’s Program
  • Graduate Program in Wine Management
  • Professional Certification in Sensory Analysis and Wine Tasting

10: Institute National de la Boulangerie-Pâtisserie (INBP)

Institute National -de la -Boulangerie-Pâtisserie (INBP)
Institute National -de la -Boulangerie-Pâtisserie (INBP)

French people are proud of their baguettes, croissants, pain au chocolat, and macarons, to name a few. Since there is a boulangerie on every street, 98% of French people eat bread every day! French cooking schools like the Institut National de la Boulangerie-Pâtisserie (INBP) have been the hallmark of professional excellence & have wide recognition in the baking and pastry industries, helping to preserve the legacy and expertise of bread and pastry making for generations to come. all to eventually open a bakery. The school provides access to professional kitchens, workshops, mentorship, guidance, and internships so that students can gain real-world experience. This is merely the cherry on top!

Popular INBP Courses

  • Program for Professional Bakers
  • Program for Professional Pastry Chefs
  • Advanced Course in Baking and Pastry
  • Program for Artisanal Bread and Bakery

11:  Culinary Arts School of Lenôtre Quai Henri IV in Paris

Culinary Arts School- of Lenôtre- Quai Henri IV in Paris
Culinary Arts School- of Lenôtre- Quai Henri IV in Paris

Aspiring cooks and pastry chefs can turn their passion into a career at École Lenôtre, a top culinary school in the world.

Professionals from all over the world come to the institute to learn the signature dishes of Maison Lenôtre and develop their cooking methods.

Information sharing is a legacy of Gaston Lenôtre, the creator of École Lenôtre and the man who invented modern pastry making. It is also one of the brand’s guiding principles. The sincere goal of Lenôtre craftsmen’s skills preservation, advancement, and transmission is shared by successive generations of chefs.

The school offers advanced workshops for professionals looking to expand their skill sets, certification programs in baking and cooking, and specialized support to ensure long-term food service initiatives.


The world over, French culinary schools are recognized for providing exceptional culinary education and training. These establishments provide a deep-rooted French culinary legacy of gastronomy and culinary expertise. A broad range of culinary skills are taught to students at French culinary schools, including traditional French cooking methods, pastry and baking techniques, and modern culinary trends. Le Cordon Bleu, Institut Paul Bocuse, Ferrandi Paris, and Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Pâtisserie are a few of the most esteemed French culinary schools. These educational institutions equip students for lucrative careers in the culinary arts by offering practical instruction, industry internships, and the chance to study under renowned chefs.

Frequently Asked Question

Can we study culinary arts in France?

A French culinary arts school can help you acquire all the skills necessary to succeed if you have a strong interest in cooking and culinary arts and want to pursue a career in it.

Are French chefs paid well?

Chefs in France, the home of gastronomy, typically earn roughly €45,000 a year. But executive chefs who understand the subtleties of French cooking can fetch up to €100,000, particularly in Paris.

What is the duration of the French culinary school?

For those in the culinary industry, a two-year program is the most typical degree. You can pursue a general culinary arts degree or a specialty in pastry or baking, and both will provide you with a well-rounded education covering fundamentals as well as practical experience.

Is becoming a chef in France hard?

In France, becoming a chef requires at least ten years of experience in the kitchen; this experience is equivalent to a paid “apprenticeship” that culminates in the “big toque.” It takes commitment in addition to effort. Although they are lightweight, toques are respected in French society because they are the product of hard work.

Which type of chef is the highest paid?

Top Executive Chef positions can earn up to $118,000 annually. The head of a restaurant’s entire kitchen staff is called an executive chef. Executive chefs oversee all kitchen personnel, including sous chefs and dishwashers, as well as inventory, budgeting, menu planning, training, and plating.


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