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How to apply for the Hayya Card

How to apply for the Hayya Card

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Hayya Card Application Process

  1. Apply online easily and pay with a credit card or PayPal. Finish our simple online application and pay with a credit card or PayPal.
  2. No need to deal with the embassy. You can receive your documents by email.
  3. Upon entering the destination country, present your passport along with the document we provide.

How to Apply for a Hayya Card for the Qatar World Cup in 2022

The biggest football league. So, the FIFA World Cup 2022, has already begun the countdown that every fan has been waiting for.

Those who purchased tickets for the FIFA World Cup 2022. So, they can now apply for the Hayya Card. All foreign visitors to Qatar intend to arrive between Tuesday, November 1, 2022. And Monday, January 23, 2023, must now possess a Hayya Card. Therefore, a Hayya Card is required in addition to matching tickets. If you want to watch the Qatar World Cup in 2022. Here, we present a thorough explanation of the application process for a Hayya Card.

Hayya Card-Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup

A fan ID for the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022, the Hayya card is a smart electronic identity card. Every single person attending any of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 matches. Must have this personalized document, which was provided by the Qatari authorities. This requirement applies to both local and international supporters. A Hayya card (Fan ID) will be valid for the duration of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Which is about two weeks before it starts.

On tournament day. Fans will be allowed entry into the stadium with both a FIFA match ticket and a Hayya card (Fan ID). The government of Qatar took a wise step by creating the card. And during the length of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. So, Only one Hayya card (Fan ID) is requir per person.

Application for a Hayya Card: Required Documents

Valid match tickets

Travel documents such as a passport, international visitor tickets, and a QID for residents.

A Valid, high-quality color photograph with a white background (at least 720 pixels wide by 40 millimeters tall).

Emergency contact details

Evidence of accommodation

The Hayya Card application process.

The Hayya Card application process.
The Hayya Card application process.

Visit the official website to create a Hayya account.

(To receive an OTP, you must sign up with a valid email address.)

Click “Apply for Hayya” to proceed to the application form.

Add your high-resolution photo and passport information under the application information (you can otherwise upload scanned images of the passport). International visitors must have a passport that is valid for three months after their date of arrival in Qatar. While residents must have a QID.

Under “Contact Information,” provide your contact information, including your emergency contact information.

The address information must be added before submitting your application.

The status of the confirmed application—approved, pending, or rejected. Will be communicated to the applicants through email after the Hayya application has been processed. Local supporters (residents) can anticipate a return email within an hour. While supporters from other countries should wait up to five days for a status update.

If you are based in Qatar and are having problems applying for the Hayya card. You can phone 800 2022 or email +974 4441 2022. (if you are outside Qatar). As an alternative, you can send them an email at info@hayya.qa.

Note: The Hayya card can still be applied for even by applicants who have not yet started the accommodation process. However, the Hayya application will only be finished for international fans. If Hayya receives the confirmation of accommodations.

Benefits of a Hayya Card

Benefits of a Hayya Card
Benefits of a Hayya Card

Valid entry into Qatar: Football lovers from all over the world do not need to apply for a separate permit because the card functions as a visa to enter Qatar during the World Cup.

Stadium Entry: A valid match ticket and a Hayya card must be presented for admission to the stadium on match days.

Free use of the bus and metro: On game days, you can use the free public transportation provided by the Hayya card (both shuttle buses and the metro).

Visitors can use the “Hayya App” to plan their trips intelligently.

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