Let’s be honest, it’s been an intense 18 months, between the worldwide pandemic, and all the political and social treacherous on the planet today would all be able to utilize a break from the real world and getaway into the mystical universe of film. So here at UoF, we gathered a rundown of a portion of our #1 movies dependent on, you got it, style planners. Regardless of whether it’s a biopic on Yves Saint Laurent’s life, Gabrielle Chanel’s initial steps into the style, or a look over some design history with narratives covering the impressive existence of Valentino, the insubordinate capers of Vivienne Westwood, or the misery and the delight of Alexander McQueen, one thing is without a doubt, we LOVE to look into the mysterious existences of design planners. Simply look at the 82% Rotten Tomatoes crowd score that the most recent Halston biopic series on Netflix got and the 88% score that the 2019 Halston narrative got.

Regardless of whether it’s a narrative or a delightful little cut of fiction, these movies transport us to a different universe with unconventional stories and lavish accounts that make up the dramatic, sparkling and eccentric universe of design.


Moving along, here are a couple of our number one movies and narratives dependent on probably the most inventive creators. I suppose you can all them the University of Fashion Oscars!

Holy person LAURENT (2014)

Holy person Laurent is a 2014 French anecdotal show film about Yves Saint Laurent. The movie was co-composed and coordinated by Bertrand Bonello; the film stars Gaspard Ulliel as Yves Saint Laurent, Jérémie Renier as Pierre Bergé, and Louis Garrel as Jacques de Bascher. The film focuses on Yves Saint Laurent’s life from 1967 to 1976, which was the pinnacle of his profession, as he becomes quite possibly the most famous creators throughout the entire existence of style.

The film analyzes the legendary and at some point outrageous existence of the late Yves Saint Laurent. The chief vehicles the crowd into the 1970s, to a period where the planner was known for wearing both creative and rich outfits. In a heavenly excursion into Yves Saint Laurent’s psyche, the chief looks at this time, loaded up with imprudence and evolving tides. Gaspard Ulliel offers a serious depiction of the creator, who plunges into a universe of medications and celebrating to quiet his internal devils and his persistent, intense misery.

Holy person Laurent was chosen as the French passage for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 87th Academy Awards, however was not selected. In January 2015, Saint Laurent got ten César Award selections, including Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor, and Best Supporting Actor. It likewise got five selections at the twentieth Lumières Awards, winning Best Actor for Gaspard Ulliel.


Coco Before Chanel is a true to life film dependent on the beginning of Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel’s unprecedented profession. The French movie was coordinated by Anne Fontaine and stars Audrey Tautou as she plays a youthful Coco Chanel. The account of Coco Chanel’s excursion from dark, resolute vagrant to the amazing couturier who addressed the advanced lady and turned into an everlasting image of progress, opportunity and style.

The French chief chose to zero in on the fashioner before her season of wonder, to all the more likely comprehend the lady behind the design symbol, and depicts an injured lady, wounded by her disregarded adolescence and her terrible romantic tales.

By day, youthful Coco functions as a needle worker, however around evening time, she proceeds as a nightclub performer. Coco then, at that point meets a well off beneficiary (Benoît Poelvoorde) and becomes his darling, yet in addition his style specialist. Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel hurls herself as enthusiastically into her work as she does into her adoration life. Audrey Tautou effortlessly exemplifies this incredible Mademoiselle who freed ladies with her smooth, clear garments. Worn out on the fancy caps, tight undergarments and yards of ribbon that characterize ladies’ design, Coco implanted her darling’s clothing as a beginning stage to refine an exquisite and complex line of ladies’ clothing that pushes her to the highest point of Parisian high fashion.

DIOR AND I (2014)

Dior and I (French: Dior et moi) is a 2014 French narrative movie composed and coordinated by Frédéric Tcheng. The movie catches the imaginative virtuoso of planner Raf Simons as he makes his first high fashion assortment as the new creative head of Christian Dior.

The film debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 17, 2014. The film centered upon Simons’ presentation season at Dior and incorporates non-talking appearance appearances by Marion Cotillard, Isabelle Huppert, Jennifer Lawrence, and Sharon Stone. The narrative got positive surveys by pundits.

Dior and I brings the crowd inside the celebrated universe of the Christian Dior style house with a favored, in the background take a gander at the making of Raf Simons’ first high fashion assortment – a genuine source of both blessing and pain made by a faithful gathering of colleagues. Merging the ordinary, pressure-filled components of style with puzzling echoes from the famous house’s past, the film is likewise a bright reverence to the sewers who serve Simons’ vision.


Valentino: The Last Emperor is a narrative film about the existence of celebrated Italian style originator Valentino Garavani, the fashion and organizer of the amazing name Valentino. It was created and coordinated by Matt Tyrnauer, Special Correspondent for Vanity Fair magazine. The image records the sensational last venture of Valentino’s profession, recounts the tale of his life, and digs into the core of the style business. The narrative likewise digs into the caring connection among Valentino and his colleague and friend of 50 years, Giancarlo Giamatti.

Valentino Garavani opened his first design house in 1959. In 2007, Valentino stunned the style world as he uncovered his retirement designs and started getting ready for his last design show. The narrative follows Valentino during the most recent two years of his time as a fashion, as he prepares to close his design profession; just as his stresses over the goals of the partnership purchasing his namesake mark.

The movie producers shot more than 250 hours of film with select admittance to Valentino and his escort. “We were allowed into the internal circle, however we needed to stick it out for quite a while, for all intents and purposes move in, to catch the genuinely extraordinary minutes,” says Tyrnauer in a meeting with Italian Living. 

“Valentino was one of the main creators to make himself the helpful figure at the focal point of the story he was telling,” says Tyrnauer in a meeting with Vanity Fair. “He is a conceived visionary and the last evident couturier, who let us in on his imaginative cycle and furthermore let us in on the existence he worked around him to support this interaction,” adds Tyrnauer. “He lives as sumptuously as his customers and set a norm for the business. He closes out all that isn’t wonderful, and we pursued him all throughout the planet to catch that extraordinary world.”

WESTWOOD: PUNK. Symbol. Extremist. (2018)

Vivienne Westwood has been disturbing British design for over 40 years, utilizing her style status popularity as a stage for her political, social and natural activism. In 2018, movie producer Lorna Tucker delivers a full length narrative about the fashion, Westwood: Punk. Symbol. Lobbyist. chronicling the unimaginable profession of the planner.

Vivienne Westwood touched off the troublemaker development with ex-accomplice and Sex Pistols’ director Malcolm McLaren, and the notorious fashioner has been reclassifying British style since 1971. She is liable for making a considerable lot of the most particular bits of late time. Mixing authentic film and astute meetings a representation arises of Vivienne’s intriguing organization of associates, taking the crowd on her excursion — from an adolescence in after war Derbyshire to the runways of Paris and Milan.

MCQUEEN (2018)

McQueen is a 2018 historical narrative movie, coordinated by Ian Bonhôte, composed and co-coordinated by Peter Ettedgui, and delivered by Ian Bonhôte, Andee Ryder, Nick Taussig, and Paul Van Carter under the flag of Misfits Entertainment, and Salon Pictures. The narrative investigates life and vocation of the late British style originator Alexander McQueen.

The existence of Alexander McQueen is a poverty to newfound wealth story, a current fantasy, bound with the gothic, disastrous bend. The creator began his vocation in his adolescents prior to acquiring notice as originator for Givenchy and dispatching his own name in 1992, which proceeds right up ’til the present time under the imaginative course of Sarah Jane Burton. Reflecting the savage excellence, intensity and abundance of his manifestations, this narrative is McQueen’s very own cozy confession world, both tormented and motivated, which praises an extremist and mesmerizing brightness of incredible impact. 





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