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The Top 26 Iconic Indian Dishes to Taste in 2024

Indian cuisine originates from one of the world’s most populous nations. Captures the distinct fusion of local identities and cultures that can be found all over the nation. Indian cuisine is influenced by numerous religious customs. Additionally, during its lengthy and turbulent history, beliefs as well as the influences of East and West colonizers have been present.

Why is Indian cuisine so unique? There is much to find when it comes to Indian cuisine, which features unique local dishes, a singular blending of cultural and religious influences, and typically fragrant spices. The vibrant street food scene, festive dishes, and age-old drinks. So, the diverse realm of Indian cuisine complements the famous breads and curries that are internationally recognized as signature Indian cuisine.

 These are 26 Iconic Indian foods that you should put on your foodie bucket list. To encourage those who are unsure to try this vibrant and colorful cuisine.

Indian Food

Tasty -Indian Food
Tasty -Indian Food

However, the regions of the country that are Northern, Western, Eastern, and Southern have very different cooking styles and methods for making Indian food. Each region has its distinctive styles and dishes that set these various varieties of Indian food apart. These are the results of migration, history, and geography. 

1: Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori -Chicken
Tandoori -Chicken

 Indian cuisine is famous for its tandoori chicken. Usually, seasoned bread or meat is cooked to a high temperature in a tandoor oven. Probably the most well-known dish of this type is tandoori chicken. It comes in different heat levels and comprises spiced yogurt-marinated chicken chunks.

2: Tikka Masala

Tikka- Masala
Tikka- Masala

 It may surprise you to hear that this is one of the most well-known Indian dishes. Chicken tikka masala did not come from India; rather, it is thought that Indian chefs residing in Britain popularized the dish by taking inspiration from butter chicken. This well-known dish typically consists of boneless chicken that has been marinated and roasted and served over a creamy, bright orange tomato-based curry made with coconut milk and a variety of spices.

3: kadai Chicken

kadai- Chicken 
kadai- Chicken

 A kadai is an Indian cooking pot that is rounded and deep. It resembles a wok and has two looped handles for portability. This North Indian dish is prepared by cooking marinated chicken with onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, and spices in a kadai. Then complete the dish with fresh cream. 

 4: Thali


 Although thali is not so much an Indian dish as it is a way of eating. So, it is still a staple of traditional Indian cooking. In South Asia and the Caribbean, food is served on round platters called thalis. It’s also the name of an Indian meal consisting of several different dishes served at the same time. Sometimes set aside for ceremonial purposes. The concept of thali is to combine all six flavors—sweet, salty, bitter, sour, astringent, and spicy—on a single plate. Indian cuisine dictates that each of the six flavors should be balanced in a dish. Regional variations abound in thali dishes. Which are typically presented in petite bowls atop a tray or banana leaf. Rice, dal, veggies, roti, yogurt, pickles or chutney, and something sweet are examples of typical dishes.

5: Butter Chicken

indian -cuisine- butter- chicken
Indian -cuisine- butter- chicken

 Butter chicken, also called murgh makhani, is a decadent dish that came from Northern India in the 1950s. A rich, spiced tomato and butter sauce is served alongside marinated chicken that has been cooked in a tandoor. Indian restaurant menus also feature vegetarian versions of this dish that substitute paneer for chicken.

6: Korma

 Delicious and aromatic, korma curry is made with yogurt, coconut milk, spices, and frequently almonds or cashews. It can be made with meat or vegetables. A vegetarian korma prepared with vegetables, or paneer, is called navratan korma.

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 7: Malai Kofta

 Kofta, or fried potato-paneer dumplings, are the star of this comforting North Indian dish, which is served with a thick, creamy sauce. A mildly colored cream sauce or a spicier orange curry with tomatoes and red chilies can be served with the dumplings, which come in a range of sizes.

8: Saag

Punjabi-Saag - Indian Punjab -Dish
Punjabi-Saag: Indian Punjab -Dish

 Saag differs from other Indian cuisines by focusing on the rich, characteristic green that comes from spinach, rather than the vivid oranges and reds of many Indian curries. The flavor of the dish is enhanced by adding additional leafy greens like dill, mustard greens, collard greens, or fenugreek. Popular forms of saag, like other curry types, are prepared with meat, fish, or vegetarian paneer.

9: Rice dish Biryani

Rice- dish- Biryani
Rice- dish: Biryani

 Popularized by Muslim communities all over India, biryani is a traditional Indian dish. It is comparable to pulao, or pilaf, from Persia. There are many different ways to prepare spiced rice. But in most cases, the ingredients are rice, meat, fish, and/or vegetables that are cooked separately and then layered and cooked together to allow the gravy to seep into the rice.

 Regional and seasonal variations of this classic Indian dish may come with a variety of chutneys, raitas, pickles, or salads. In addition to rich or sweet ingredients like fruit or nuts.

 Numerous Indian cuisines, ranging from South Africa to the Philippines, have shared a version of this staple dish. So they are made of mixed rice, indicating its cross-cultural origins.

Indian Breads 

Different- bread -styles
Different- bread styles                     

 Indian cuisine, like that of many other world cuisines, is based mostly on bread. Different bread styles that are popular throughout the Indian subcontinent are differentiated by unique cooking techniques, textures, or types of flour. These range from pillowy flatbreads or thin crêpes to stuffed dough or crisp puffs. Despite their often similar ingredients and appearance. 

 Bread is a staple of Indian cuisine and is consumed as an appetizer with different chutneys, dips, or sauces, as well as to soak up the rich curries and gravies that go with a snack or meal.

 10: Paratha

Indian Breads: Paratha 
Indian: Paratha

 A classic Indian dish is another type of unleavened, whole-wheat flatbread. Using a lamination technique, the dough is coated with ghee (a type of clarified butter) or oil and folded repeatedly to create paratha, which is thicker and more substantial than naan or chapati.

 In addition, paratha can be layered or filled with other foods like potatoes, lentils, spiced veggies, or paneer, a soft Indian cheese. Finished with a shallow fry, layered and stuffed paratha is a popular breakfast or afternoon snack option.

11: Chapati


 Perfectly ground whole wheat flour combined with water, salt, and yeast is used to make chapati, a free-from flatbread that is baked on a tava, or low skillet. The word chapat, which in Hindi means “slap” or “flat,” is the source of the name of this traditional bread. The word refers to the conventional process of making dough, which involves slapping the dough between wet palms.

 Chapati, sometimes referred to as roti in other regions, is the main ingredient in many other Asian, Middle Eastern, and Caribbean cuisines.

12: Naan

Soft -Naan
Soft -Naan

However, naan, a soft, bubbly is the most famous Indian bread. This non-leavened flatbread is commonly served as an accompaniment at Indian restaurants in the US and other countries. It can be baked or fried. Naan is typically prepared in a tandoor, a tall, hot-air cylindrical clay or metal oven. The iconic bread can be had plain or topped with butter, garlic, or jalapeños.

Foods from the Indian Streets

Foods- from the -Indian -Streets
Foods- from the -Indian -Streets

 Indian street food is a major part of the cuisine, with specialties and regional favorites found in every state, city, and region. So, under various names or spellings, many of the regional Indian dishes that are enjoyed along its busy streets can be found all over the nation. However, the majority of street foods are quick, easy to prepare, and satisfying dishes that are full of the strong flavors and aromas of fried dough, savory veggies, and toasted spices. 

13: Chaat

Indian -Street food- Chaat
Indian -Street food- Chaat

 Chaat is the name of a whole class of Indian cuisine. So, that is widely consumed at roadside stands and street stalls across the nation. Therefore, chaat combines elements that are sweet, salty, crunchy, spicy, and savory into one dish that is bursting with flavor and texture sensations. It does this by combining aromatic spices and tangy sauces. While each variation of this unusual Indian dish may have a slightly different appearance, all chaats generally have a similar style.

Start with a starchy base, like fried bread, puffed rice, or samosas. Add a bunch of veggies after that, like chopped tomatoes, boiled potatoes, and raw onions. The vegetables are then covered in a sweet, spicy, or tangy chutney, and to give the chaat its distinctive flavor, a dusting of chaat masala spice blend is added. 

 So, add a final touch of crunch or crispiness to the chaat by adding some deep-fried noodles, crunchy chickpeas, or fried potato chunks. If you want to try chaat, you should look for the well-known potato-based version called aloo chaat.

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14:Pani Puri

Street food-Pani -Puri
Street food-Pani -Puri

So, Pani puri is a specialty of India that is known by different names depending on the part of the country, though it is thought to have started in the state of Bihar (in the northeast).

 Using your thumb to make a hole in one side of a round, hollow puri—a crisp, deep-fried flatbread—you can fill it with a variety of fillings and spices, such as flavored water, potatoes, chickpeas, chaat masala, onions, or chili powder. The fillings and spices vary depending on the region. A kaleidoscope of vivid flavors and textures will explode in your mouth when you pop the entire puri.


However,  Kozi kachori is another well-known, multi-named deep-fried Indian dish. Like empanadas, kachori is made from a fine flour dough filled with spices, onions, beans, or lentils and served with a flavorful chutney or rich gravy.

16: Chole Bhature

 Chole bhature, also called chana bhatura, is a common street food in Punjab that is made with puffed, fried bread that resembles puris and chickpeas (chana) in a spicy sauce. So, this easy recipe is great for breakfast, as a quick snack on the go, or as a full meal served with pickled veggies, onions, or chutneys. 

17: Dosa


  Dosas have a long history dating back to ancient times. So, dosas are considered an iconic dish of South India. These thin pancakes, called crêpes, are made with a batter of fermented lentils and rice flour. However, they are served hot and can be folded in half or rolled up like a wrap. Typically, they are consumed with chutney or sambar, a lentil and vegetable stew from South India. Dosa variations come in a variety of filling and sauce combinations, as well as regional variations in dough ingredients and preparation techniques. 

18: Vada Pav

Vada -Pav 
Vada -Pav

 So the central state of Maharashtra, which is home to the city of Mumbai, is the origin of the vegetarian street food dish known as vada pav. This well-known dish is a deep-fried potato dumpling served with green chili peppers and chutney inside a soft bread bun.

 The humble vada pav, popularly known as a Bombay Burger, originated in the middle of the 20th century as a cheap and filling meal for laborers and has since become a significant part of the city’s political and cultural landscape. Every year on August 23, people celebrate World Vada Pav Day.

19: Samosas

Street food- Samosas
Street food- Samosas

 Samosas, which are baked or fried pastry pockets with savory fillings like spiced potatoes, onions, and peas, are arguably the most well-known street food in India. However, originating in the Middle East and Asia, samosas come in a variety of shapes and fillings, with a history that dates back to the 10th century. The samosa has developed into a globally recognized, iconic dish from India.

Indian Appetizers

Indian - Apptizers
Indian – Appetizers

 However, Indian appetizers introduce the palate to the meal with enticing spices, striking textures, and a nod to the many cultural influences and legendary creations that make up this distinctive subset of Indian cuisine. They often overlap with snacks and street foods.

20: Pakora

Indian- Appetizers likes- pakora
Indian- Appetizers likes- pakora

 Pakora, sometimes called bhaji, among other things, are deep-fried, spiced vegetable fritters that are served as an appetizer, street food, or snack. So, these crispy fritters are a staple at Indian weddings and are typically served with raita, chutney, or tamarind sauce.

21: Chicken 65

Indian Apptizers: Chicken 65
Indian – Chicken 65

 The famous Chicken 65 is widely recognized as the creation of A.M. Buhari, named for the year of its creation, 1965. Despite its origins being shrouded in myth. So, the Buhari Hotel in the state of Tamil Nadu served a spicy, deep-fried chicken dish. Later, the dish was offered as Chicken 78, Chicken 82, and Chicken 90 on the menu; some of these variations are still offered at the venerable hotel today.

22: Sambar

 Sambar, a lentil-based vegetable stew from South India, is frequently prepared using tamarind broth and pigeon peas. However, the meal is frequently eaten with rice, dosa, or idli. These are savory rice cakes cooked by steaming a batter made of rice and lentils that have been fermented.

Indian Desserts

Indian -Desserts 
Indian desserts

Therefore, a taste of some of India’s most popular desserts and sweets would round out any culinary tour. 

23: Gajar Ka Halwa

Indain - Dessert- Gajar Ka- Halwa 
Indain – Dessert- Gajar Ka- Halwa

 There are several varieties of halwa found all over India, and like many other Indian dishes, it is inspired by the history of the country and its surrounding cuisines. Therefore a straightforward dessert called gajar ka halwa is made from grated carrots that are cooked in milk and cardamom, then fried in ghee and sugar, and topped with dried fruit. In India, this vibrant dessert is frequently consumed during Muslim and Hindu holidays.

24: Ras Malai

Ras- Malai
Ras- Malai

 The famous Indian dish Ras Malai originates from West Bengal and is frequently credited to Kolkata-based Bengali confectioner Krishna Chandra Das. So, the creamy flattened dough balls in this dessert are made of Indian cottage cheese and are dipped in thick condensed milk that has been sweetened. Usually, cardamom or rose water is used to flavor the dish, and saffron, almonds, or pistachios are used to finish it.

25: Kheer


However, Indian cuisine is famous for a variety of milk and sugar desserts, with kheer being one of the most popular varieties. Boiling rice with milk and sugar produces kheer. Next, dried fruits, nuts, cardamom, saffron, and coconut are added as garnishes. 

 26: Gulab Jamun

Gulab -Jamun
Gulab -Jamun

 A traditional Indian dessert called gula jamun is made from khoya, or deep-fried milk solids that have been reduced to the consistency of soft dough. Therefore, the cardamom and rose water-flavored sweet syrup in which the fried balls are dipped is occasionally topped with cashews or almonds. This sweet and syrupy Indian dish is a favorite dessert for holidays, special occasions, and birthdays. Aquasana Home Water Filters


Indian food is well known for its colorful flavors, complex spices, and wide variety. Therefore, it includes a broad variety of regional cuisines, each with distinctive ingredients and preparation methods. In addition, important ingredients include rice, lentils, veggies, and a range of meats that are frequently cooked with flavorful spices. Like turmeric, coriander, cumin, and garam masala. Popular foods include samosas, tandoori, biryani, curry, and dosa. Indian food is a vibrant tapestry of flavors that pleases the palate, reflecting the cultural and geographic diversity of the nation.

Frequently Asked Question

 What is the Indian king’s food?

 There are more stories surrounding any Indian dish than biryani. Like its flavors and tastes, its story varies throughout the nation. A full meal in and of itself is the handi of meat, rice, and spices.

Why is food so famous in India?

 However, the 8,000-year history of different groups and cultures interacting with the Indian subcontinent is reflected in the diversity of flavors and regional cuisines found in modern-day India. Indian cuisine was already varied but later trade with Portuguese and British influences added to its variety.

What is Punjab’s lunch?

 8 must-try Punjabi dishes that are popular there

 Some Punjabi dishes that are the masters of all food lovers’ hearts are Sarson Da Saag, Tandoori Chicken, Shami Kebab, Makki di Roti, and so on. The state’s culinary customs are straightforward, rural, and unique all at once.

Is Indian food popular?


 So, One of the most well-known and popular foods in India is curry. In India, tomato-based curries are regarded as the ultimate comfort food; this belief has spread to other nations as well.

What is the most famous drink in India?

  Masala Chai

 Indian culture has always valued tea, or chai, ever since the British helped make it popular. A “chai wallah,” or “tea seller,” strolling through the streets or a train car serving some of the sweetest, tastiest tea you’ll ever find, is one of the most iconic images in the nation.

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