Murgh cholay
Murgh cholay

Murgha Chalay Pakistan Food Recipe

is exceptionally scrumptious and extremely simple to make at home. The present I am telling the best way to make this scrumptious formula in a simple manner and simple cooking strategy. This Murgha Colay is prepared inside 30 to 40 minutes just and the heavenly formula is prepared to eat. It is a decent alternative for your supper formula and furthermore noon. In this dish, I am utilizing exceptionally basic fixings and it isn’t too fiery in light of the fact that I am not added very little red stew and green stew. That is the reason Kid’s effectively eats this formula and loves it. Folks! I’m not a cooking master but rather I am continually presenting the best formula offering to you.

This Murgha Colay Pakistan Food Recipe is exceptionally simple to make at home. I’m showing bit by bit making methodology. You can see these means and follow them and make a scrumptious formula yourself. In this dish, the essential fixings are chicken, chickpeas, potatoes, tomatoes, and some delicious flavors. I’ve additionally added hacked onions as well. In my home, I am making this formula twice time in seven days since it is delicious, and my children and spouse like this formula.

Step by step instructions to MAKE MURGH CHOLAY RECIPE AT HOME:

Here, I am telling you the best way to make this formula at home. I’m showing the bit-by-bit directions. It is very to make and the cooking time frame is 30 40 minutes in particular. So we should begin to make it.

Ingredients Required:

• Chopped Onions

• Chopped Tomatoes

• Cumin Seeds

• Chicken with bones

• Taste to Salt

• Red Chili Powder

• Turmeric Powder

• Black Onion Seeds

• Curry Powder

• Chicken Cube

• Potatoes

• Boiled Chickpeas

• Green Chilies

• Green Coriander Leaves

• Garam Masala Powder

• Black Pepper Powder

• Lemon Juice

• Chinese Salt

• Ginger Garlic Paste

• Olive Oil or Cooking Oil

• Coriander Powder

• Black Pepper

• Cloves

• Cinnamon Stick

• Small Cardamon

• Large cardamon

• Bay Leaves

Steps Of Cooking:

1. Firstly, Boiled chickpeas and Potatoes and put them away

2. Take a container and add olive oil and warmth it on the high fire

3. Add slashed onions and cook up to that point its change the shading

4. Add Chicken and straight leaves, cinnamon stick, little cardamom, enormous cardamom, dark pepper, cloves, and ginger-garlic glue and cook it

5. When chicken will change the shading and afterward add salt, red bean stew powder, onion seeds, turmeric powder, curry powder, chicken solid shape, and blend it

6. Add one cup of water and cook for 25 minutes to gets the chicken delicate

7. Now, add hacked tomatoes and blend it

8. When oil comes independently from the chicken

9. Add bubbled chickpeas and potatoes

10. Add half a cup of water

11. In the end, add dark pepper powder, garam masala powder, cumin seeds, green chilies, and lemon squeeze and cook for 4 minutes

12. Add green coriander leaves and dish out the delightful formula with your fam


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