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Naurus Recycled Iced Coffee

Naurus Recycled Iced Coffee

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Nauru’s “Recycled” Iced Coffee

At only eight square miles, Nauru makes use of a variety of bottles, often for ingesting water 20,000 consistent with the month (according to the Nauru Country Study Guide with the aid of Ibp USA). That’s 240,000 bottles a year. According to the equal examination, approximately 10% of the bottles are used to promote water or iced espresso in a localized recycling attempt. So, inside the spirit of Nauru, when you have some more plastic bottles or tubs (yes, tubs) laying around, experience free to fill them up with coffee. The best coffee in the world




  1. 2 cups ground coffee
  2. Two quarts water
  3. 2 quarts milk, to be introduced for the duration of serving
  4. sugar, to flavor

Servings: 1 gallon

Units: US Imperial


  1. First, find a massive glass box to brew the coffee. I used a massive flour canister. Pour inside the coffee grounds… the yummiest you could discover. Next splash on a crystal circulates of water. You can use room temperature from the tap or filtered. Depends on how fancy pants you want to be.
  2. There may be a few settlings after five mins. Give it a stir, cover, and let take a seat at room temperature for approximately 8 hours.

Three.  Filter the coffee. I ladled it through a coffee clear-out sitting inner a strainer. Since there is so much coffee. I modified the clear-out a few instances. being certain to squeeze out the grounds to get all the good stuff. This labored wonderful. You can refrigerate the coffee at this point and sip on all of it a week. Fooding world

Four.     Now, for the amusing. To serve, pour the coffee over ice. Only pass midway up the glass. Fill the other half with chilled creamy milk. Sprinkle in sugar, to taste. Give it a stir.

Recipe Notes

Makes 1 gallon or a half-gallon of black iced coffee.

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