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Street food

Street food

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21 Street food dishes from around the world that you have to try

As city streets everywhere show signs of life again. So, the reminded me of everything special – not just about the street food in Mexico City. Carts are in NYC, the snack store in Kyoto, the falafel shop in London, taco trucks in LA and holes in walls in Paris. Apparently, they cook in a small kitchen but their meals ooze souls and lust for perfection. Street foods can also be useful history lessons.

The World’s Best Street Food Dishes

1. Chili crab

   Country: Singapore

 Chili crab
Chilli crab

So, the Chilli crab began as a street food item. Like many other foods in Asia. But it finally gained such a following that it is now regarded as Singapore’s national dish. It consists of a crab that has been stir-fried and coated in a flavorful, hot sauce.

It is a well-known anecdote that Cher Yam Tian created a chilli crab in the 1950s. To change the flavour of her stir-fried crab recipe by adding bottled chilli sauce. So, The outcome was so wonderful that her family convinced her to start selling the dish. Which is how Singapore’s hallmark dish, chilli crab, got its start.

Due to the fact that the crab is served in its shell. The meal is available in many places around the nation. Consuming chilli crab is a distinctive experience. The delicate crab meat that is concealed inside the shell must be accessed by the diners by cracking open the shell with their hands.

To make the process easier, mallets or nutcrackers are frequently used. When the bread is served with crab. It is primarily used to sop up the wonderful, spicy gravy.

2. Panipur

India and more countries in Asia


In India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Nepal, panipuri is common street food. It is a small dish made up of a hollow puri. That is fried till crispy and then filled with a mixture of potatoes, onions, spicy peppers, chickpeas, tamarind chutney, and chaat masala.

In North India, panipuri is known as golgappa. Where gol stands for the crunchy shell and Gappa for eating. As these little delicacies are typically eaten on the go. So, Panipuri is thought to have originated in Uttar Pradesh and has progressively gained popularity both inside and outside of the country.

Panipuri stands are still a common sight at Indian fairs, festivals, and weddings today.

3. Taiyaki

Country: Japan


With azuki sweet bean paste within. So, Taiyaki is a flour-based Japanese fish-shaped cake that is frequently eaten as a snack. It is frequently offered at most taiyaki stands during any winter celebration in Japan, usually served warm. The majority of people think that this sweet treat first appeared in Tokyo during the Meiji period. Yet in 1976, taiyaki shot to fame thanks to the release of the adored children’s song Oyoge!Swim. Taiyaki, says Taiyaki-kun. Despite the fact that there are many various tastes and variations of taiyaki available today. The standard taiyaki is still a favourite since it is considered that. The best taiyaki is distinguished by a crisp shell that has been baked to a golden-brown hue.

4. Tripas



A common Mexican dish prepared from pig or cow intestines is called tripas or macchiatos. So, Tripas can be found all over Mexico. Typically at taco stalls and especially at open-air markets called tianguis. Where it is mostly used as a taco filling.

Tripe is frequently topped with chopped onions, coriander, and hot chilli sauces after being boiled and grilled. Tripas require a great lot of skill to prepare since they should neither be overcooked nor undercooked because this makes them difficult to chew.

5. Pljeskavica



Pljeskavica is a traditional Serbian cuisine. Also known as the Serbian hamburger, is a flat, round patty cooked from ground beef, pork, veal, or a mixture of the three. Selected seasonings like paprika, and salt. And pepper is also sometimes included, as well as finely minced onions and garlic.

It is a straightforward dish that is challenging to master. Since the proportion of meat to fat during cooking is crucial. The word pljeskavica, which means flavorful and juicy, is derived from the word pljeskati. This means to clap because this motion is used to shape. So the patties before being grilled on both sides to a smokey brown colour with typical grill markings on both sides. The meat is then traditionally wrapped in a thick flatbread called lepinja. This is just as crucial as the meat in that it should be juicy, springy, and warm rather than too dry, cold, or crumbly. The ideal pljeskavica should be juicy, perfectly seasoned, and ideally topped with kajmak. A thick, clotted, mildly salted, local cream cheese.

6. Vada pav

Country:India Mumbai

 Vada pav
Vada pav

One of Mumbai’s favourite sandwiches is called vada pav. So, This refers to the two main components: pav, or white bread rolls, and vada. Which are hot, spicy mashed potatoes that are deep-fried in chickpea batter. However, This well-known street food is thought to have been invented by Ashok Vaidya, a street vendo. Who operated close to the Dadar train station in the 1960s and 1970s.

He considered a solution to feed the ravenous employees and came to the conclusion that the ideal dish should be transportable, reasonably priced, and simple to make. Vada pav, which Ashok created, quickly gained popularity, especially after the Shiv Sena, a Marathi-Hindu nationalist political organisation, began to tout the sandwich as the perfect working-class snack. The sandwich is now available throughout Mumbai, both in upscale restaurants and on street corners. It is best served with a spicy red chutney made of coconut, peanuts, garlic, tamarind, and chillies.

7. Breakfast burrito

United States of America SANTA FE

Breakfast burrito
Breakfast burrito

A breakfast burrito is a special kind of burrito that is made with a tortilla and components that are often found in morning dishes like eggs, bacon, and potatoes. It was created at Santa Fe, New Mexico’s Tia Sophia café in 1975.

As the breakfast burrito fad gained popularity, popular fast-food outlets like McDonald’s and Taco Bell quickly adopted it. There are no established standards for what makes a delicious breakfast burrito, so it can also be loaded with additional items like tomatoes, cheese, ham, spinach, and beans. However, eggs, bacon, and potatoes are the essential ingredients. The morning burrito is a staple of the street food culture, and you can find them there in addition to at a lot of fast-food establishments and cafes.

8. Dim Sims’ 

The Market in South Melbourne

Dim Sims' 
Dim Sims’

You’ll kick yourself if you don’t take the time to find stall No. 91. Which is off Cecil Street and situated between Little Hof and Bambu. And where the intense red glow is recognized as being associated with dim sum.

Over the years, this 60-year-old city mainstay has expanded to four locations. But creator Ken Cheng first began selling the distant relative of the dumpling at Caulfield Racecourse. So, The O.G. recipe for Cheng’s dim sims, or dummies as they are affectionately known, is still used by his kids today. However, Cheng was one of the first few people in Melbourne to create dim sims. So, A dim sim is a dumpling that can be steamed or deep-fried and is made of ground meat (in this case, cabbage, pork, beef, or lamb) and spices. The distinctive feature of South Melbourne Market Dim Sims is that they are twice as large as the typical dimming. For us, more. Rahsani Epa

9. Tamales

Street food in Chicago’s


Look for the coolers in the morning on 18th Street in Pilsen or 26th Street in Little Village. Additionally, there are vendors in areas like Albany Park, Humboldt Park, and Hermosa.

When it comes to tamales, no one does street cuisine like the Mexican-American community in Chicago: a flavorful filling, frequently chicken or pig simmered in a sour Rojo or Verde sauce, is encased in masa, wrapped in a corn husk, and steam-cooked to portable perfection. Despite stringent city licensing requirements (a barrier that has been particularly difficult for immigrant food cart owners), busy street corners in communities like Little Village and Pilsen are frequently crowded with vendors selling their fresh wares during the morning rush hour from carts and enormous coolers.

You’ll want to buy in large quantities, so arrive early, bring cash, and don’t forget a tote bag. Emily Krupp

10. Anticucho 



Anticuchos are a type of kebab-like street dish that may be found in Peru. However, beef heart is the meat that is used most frequently. Before being grilled on a skewer, the meat is marinated in vinegar and spices, including garlic, cumin, and aj pepper. The meat pieces are alternated with vegetables like peppers, onions, mushrooms, and carrots. Anticuchos are typically served with a traditional sauce made with garlic, cilantro, onion, lemon juice, beer, and vinegar, as well as a piece of bread or a boiled potato. Anticuchos are seasoned with salt and, occasionally, vinegar or lemon juice.

11. Arepa

Country: Colombia and Venezuela


Arepas are a common food in both Colombia and Venezuela. These tender, substantial patties are created by combining ground maize kernels, maize flour, or maize meal with water, salt, and occasionally butter, eggs, milk, or oil. Arepas can be different sizes, flavours, and colours and can be baked, boiled, fried, grilled, steamed, or even eaten simply as a side dish. They are frequently stuffed or topped with meat, cheese, eggs, tomatoes, or salad. Arepas are frequently served with cheese, avocado, or cuajada, a type of milk curd, and they can also be split to act as the bread in a sandwich.

12. Banana cue

 Country: Philippines

Banana cue
Banana cue


Banana cue is a very well-liked street snack in the Philippines, prepared with saba bananas, a kind of banana that is widely used in the island nation’s cuisine. Before being skewered on bamboo poles, the bananas are deep-fried and covered with brown sugar that has been caramelised.

13. Banh mi

Country: Vietnam

Banh mi
Banh mi

So,The baguette was brought to French-ruled Vietnam in the 19th century, which led to the development of the banh mi. By the early 20th century, French bread had become a mainstay at Vietnamese dinner tables, and by the 1950s, the banh mi had debuted on Saigon’s streets (now Ho Chi Minh City). The sandwich is constructed of one or more meats, such as pig belly, grilled chicken, Vietnamese sausage, hog liver pate, or tinned sardines in tomato sauce, and is made with a Vietnamese baguette, a thin, airy wheat or rice-flour bread with a thin crust.

In addition, vegetables like cucumber, cilantro, pickled carrots, and white radishes are frequently used, along with sauces like Maggi seasoning sauce, mayonnaise, and hot chilli sauce. Nowadays, banh mi stands are commonplace in Vietnam and are also becoming increasingly popular in many other places where Vietnamese communities have emigrated.

14. Bungeo-ppang 

Country: South Korea


Bungeo-ppang, a Korean pastry shaped in the shape of a fish and filled with red bean paste, is frequently seen on the streets throughout the winter. The batter is made with wheat flour, baking powder, water (or milk), and occasionally eggs. It is then placed into a bungeo-ppang grill, a device with a fish-shaped mould analogous to a waffle iron. After adding the sweetened red bean paste, more batter is added, and the mould is then sealed until the pastry is golden. In addition to red bean paste, alternative fillings for bungeo-ppang include pastry cream, chocolate, and even pizza toppings.

15. Bunny Chow

Country: South Africa

Bunny Chow
Bunny Chow

Moreover,Bunny chow is a South African street food that originated in the Indian population. In the city of Durban and is frequently referred to by locals as just a “bunny.” So, A bread loaf is hollowed out, and the curry—typically mutton, lamb, chicken, or beans—is then placed within. A side salad comprised of grated carrots, onions, and chiles frequently goes with the dish. Which is traditionally eaten by hand.

16. Calzone 

Country: Italy


Like the pizza itself, calzones were created in Naples and are essentially folded pizzas. Calzones are baked in the oven. Using salted bread dough that is loaded with ham, and salami. Or also, vegetables with mozzarella, ricotta, and Parmesan or pecorino cheese. There are regional variations throughout Italy. With elements like common pizza toppings as well as dishes like eggs or potatoes. A calzone can be a substantial dinner. But Italian street sellers frequently sell it in smaller portions that can be quickly consumed on the go.

17.Chapli kebab

Country: Pakistan

Chapli kebab
Chapli kebab

The chapli kebab is a flat and spherical kebab. Often composed of ground beef or mutton, has its roots in Peshawar. A city in northwest Pakistan. However, Raw minced meat is combined with ingredients including. Wheat flour, eggs, onions, tomatoes, ginger, coriander, and green chillies as well as spices like garam masala and chilli powder. Before being shaped into a sphere and deep-fried or fried. Chapli kebabs, are popular throughout Pakistan and are also eaten in eastern Afghanistan and India. So, typically served with naan, rice, or on a bun or sandwich bread with chutney, salad, or yoghurt.

18. Chuan kebabs

Country: China

Chuan kebabs
Chuan kebabs

However, Chuan is kebabs, which aren’t typically associated with Chinese cuisine. Small meat chunks on skewers are roasted over charcoal or electric heat or deep-fried in oil. The meat is seasoned with black pepper, cumin seeds, red pepper flakes, or sesame. Chuan, also known as Chuan’s, is a dish. So, that originated among Chinese Muslims, including the Uighurs. Who have their own distinctive cuisine and are well-known throughout China.

19. Crepe

 Country:  France


However, Crepes are a famous thin, pancake-like pastry. So, that has its origins in the French area of Brittany and is consumed widely throughout France. As well as Canada and Belgium. Along with being popular in the United States. So, the crepe is also highly popular in southern South America, North Africa, and Europe. There are two types of crepes that can be filled with a variety of ingredients sweet crepes (crêpes sucrées). Which are commonly made with wheat flour and eaten for breakfast or dessert, and also, as savoury galettes (crêpes salées). Which are typically made with buckwheat flour (known as galette). Sweet crepes are frequently filled with Nutella, custard, whipped cream, syrup, and fruit spreads. Or also, sliced fruits before being coated with powdered sugar or fresh fruit. So, If you like the savoury variety, cheese, eggs, artichokes, ratatouille, mushrooms, and various types of meat are popular fillings.

20. Currywurst

Country: Germany


American hot dogs can’t compare to German sausages, and the currywurst in particular is legendary. Before being seasoned with curry powder and curry ketchup, pork sausage is normally steamed, fried, and then sliced into slices. It may be found all over Germany, with minor regional variations, and is typically served with fries.

21. Poutine

Quebec Canada


However, Poutine is a traditional Canadian street Food. Consisting of french fries covered with cheese curds and brown gravy has its roots in Quebec. The region with a large French-speaking population. Poutine is common street food in Canada, But it is also on the menus of many eateries. Including several McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, and KFC outlets. So,Poutine comes in a variety of flavours and includes meats including bacon, chicken, sausage, and Montreal-style smoked pork. Because poutine is so popular. So, you may even find it on the menu at some upscale eateries. But it may be garnished with foie gras, truffle, caviar, or three-pepper sauce.

Frequently ask Questions:

The world’s best street food

Chicken jerk from Jamaica.

Crab with a kick, Singapore

Arepas Colombiano

the Philippines’ Halo-halo.

South Africa’s bunny chow.

Poland, pierogies.

USA, North Carolina, pulled pork.

Vietnam’s banh mi.

Here are the top 23 cities worldwide for street food, including fast bites and moveable feasts:

Bangkok, Thailand One of the best metropolitan neighbourhoods for street cuisine is Chinatown in Bangkok.

Tokyo, Japan

Honolulu, Hawaii

Durban, South Africa

New Orleans, Louisiana

Istanbul, Turkey

Hong Kong

Paris, France

Singapore was ranked number one in the world’s best street food for 2019. And Bangkok and Hong Kong came in second and third.

Today, Falafel is one of the most widely consumed street foods worldwide and is available practically everywhere.

The Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO). Defines street food as “ready-to-eat foods and beverages produced and/or sold by vendors. Especially on streets and other comparable public places.”

The improper chemical makeup of street food. This is typified by its excessive levels of carbs and fats. Primarily saturated fats can cause major health concerns.

In the US, some of the most popular street foods include:

“A hot dog








What should I eat in the UK? The Top Ten British Street Foods

British Burrito…

Pollock Fish and Chips, a Saltwater Fish Dish,…

fast food. Gravy, chips, and the like.

Haddock Fish and Chips, a Saltwater Fish Dish, a…

food from the street. black peas.

Jellied eels. Fish dish.

Cod Fish and Chips, a dish made using saltwater fish

Sweet Pastry

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