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Thai food

Thai food

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What is thai food?

Thai food includes a variety of cooking techniques. From stir-frying to barbecue, curries to spiciness salads, soups to steamed foods. And also, oatmeal for crispy insects. So, Thai cuisine typically combines flavors of salt, salty, sweet, sour, and heat from chilis.

Many meals have a silky feel because of coconut milk.  So, These flavors are expertly combined to achieve the ideal harmony and satisfy every taste your taste buds can detect.

We think you’ll find it interesting to learn more about how the many flavors of Thai food are prepared here. Grab our shopping list of necessary Thai food ingredients if you’re new to preparing it and want to give it a try. You might also want to consider investing in some specialised Thai cookware. Read More…

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The cuisine of Thailand is not uniform (and the people from different regions differ quite a lot too). Like other nations, Thailand has regional variations, with the Northern Thais having a very different culture from the Southern Thais.

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What is Thai cuisine?

Thai cuisine, as it is known internationally, includes both the Royal Thai cuisine, which was made well-known by recipes created by the royal cooks, and all of the food styles merged from all of the regional forms of cooking.

There are seven different Thai cuisines and most of which are regional in origin. Eastern, Central Plain, Bangkok, Southern, and Northern Thailand (Lanna and Isaan). Then comes a cultural food known as Royal Thai cuisine, which is discussed in more detail later in this article.

These regional foods are frequently referred to collectively as “Thai Food.”People from all around Thailand and beyond live in and around Bangkok, drawn there mostly by its riches.

Assuming we have some fundamental knowledge of the cuisine consumed in a certain region, for example, we naturally grasp the essence of that cuisine. Every cuisine contains components from various cuisines, but what distinguishes one cuisine from another is how those components work together and are balanced. Read More…

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We have regional cuisines and cultural cuisines that are a component of those, which expands on that notion. As an illustration, Phuket has a sizable population of people who consume vegetarian or “Jae” food and hosts a festival in honor of it. As a result, the island has a variety of unique and specialty vegetarian cuisine.

From a global perspective, Thai food IS Thai cuisine, yet within Thailand, the definition of Thai food varies depending on where you are and the local cuisine that is being discussed at the time.

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Where is thai food from?

Origins and History. The many centuries-old migrations of people from southern Chinese provinces to what is now Thailand are the origins of Thai cuisine. Szechwan characteristics were prevalent in Thai cuisine historically, but several other influences over the years have also had an impact.

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What makes thai food spicy?

Chili and ginger are the two components that give spicy Thai food its spiciness. Capsaicin is a molecule that is a bioactive component in chili peppers that produces an extremely hot or spicy sensation on the tongue.

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How to make thai food?

Thai food is traditionally prepared using a variety of techniques, including stewing, grilling, and baking. Due to the influence of Chinese immigrants who moved to Southeast Asia, stir-frying and deep-frying have become a part of Thai cuisine over time. Read More…

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Thai Recipes to Make Everyday

Simple Thai Recipes

Thai cuisine never fails to please with its spicy stir-fries, creamy curries, clear sour soups, and salty grilled meals. The flavour profile frequently used in Thai food recipes combines spiciness, saltiness, sourness, and sweetness in a delicious way, launching their traditional dishes onto the world food scene.

The foundation of some of the best Thai dishes includes ingredients like lemongrass, fish sauce (a substitute for salt), “galangal” (a type of ginger with a completely distinct flavour profile), and coconut milk.

For all of your favorite and traditional Thai foods and beverages, including “Chicken and Eggplant Green Curry” and the well-known “Thai Iced Tea,” the Asian Food Network provides some of the best Thai recipes. Read More…

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1. Chicken Thai Pandan

The Thai Pandan Chicken, which is flavored with pandan leaves’ sweetness and scent, is a delicious appetizer or finger snack for your celebration (or a quiet night in). A few pandan leaves, some chicken parts, and a variety of ingredients are all you need to get started in business! Make the marinade the night before and store the chicken in the fridge to save time.


16 skinless 350 g chicken thighs

(Bite-size pieces)

16 leaves of pandan

Coriander root, 4 pieces

Garlic cloves, two

1/2 cup coconut milk

(Coconut cream can be used in place of coconut milk.)

White peppercorns, 1/4 teaspoon

Tamarind juice, 1 tablespoon

Light soy sauce, 1 tbsp plus 1 tsp

3 tablespoons sweet soy sauce

1 tablespoon oyster sauce

71 g of palm sugar

(Regular sugar can be substituted with palm sugar.)

Sriracha hot sauce, 1 tablespoon

(Chili sauce can be used in place of Sriracha hot sauce.)

White sesame seeds, 1/2 tsp.

How to Make Thai Pandan Chicken

Vegetable and oil

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1. Marinate the chicken

Coriander roots, garlic, white peppercorns, 1 teaspoon of light soy sauce, 2 teaspoons of oyster sauce, and 1 12 tablespoons of coconut cream should all be well-combined using a pestle and mortar.

Chicken pieces should be thoroughly combined with the marinade in a bowl. Give it 30 minutes to marinate.

2. Prepare a dipping sauce

Palm sugar, 1 tablespoon each of sweet, mild, and sriracha soy sauces, together with 1 tablespoon of tamarind juice, should be combined in a small pot over high heat until the sugar dissolves and the sauce thickens.

Transfer to the sauce dish after setting aside to cool.

3. Wrap the marinated chicken

To create a pocket for a piece of marinated chicken, twist the pandan leaf in the middle (with both ends protruding outward).

By tucking the leaf’s ends inside the pocket, you may wrap the pandan leaf around the bird. Trim any extra leaves. Repeat for everyone. Read More…

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4. Wrapped in deep-fried chicken

Prepare enough oil for deep frying by heating it in a saucepan or pan over medium-high heat. Deep-fry the wrapped chicken for 3 to 4 minutes, or until the chicken is golden brown, once the oil is hot enough, at around 180 degrees Celsius.

Deep-fry pandan-wrapped chicken should be taken out of hot oil and placed on a dish covered with paper towels so that excess oil can drip off.

5. Plate and serve!

On a serving plate, put the Thai Pandan Chicken.

Sesame seeds can be added to the dipping sauce.

Serve hot with a serving of dipping sauce.

2. Salad of Sweet and Spicy Thai Mango (Som Tum Mamuang)

This quick and simple salad, also known as Som Tum Mamuang, has the ideal ratio of sweetness and spiciness.


4 individuals are served.

Thai green mangos, four


1/4 cup dried shrimp

(drained and soaked)

8 Cherry tomatoes


Garlic cloves, two

2 limes


2 padi chilies


4 tbsp. fish sauce

2/batch of palm sugar

4 tablespoons crushed peanuts

Salad of Sweet and Spicy Thai Mango (Som Tum Mamuang)

Thai Mango Salad, a Light Salad

However, a Thai Mango Salad’s combination of fresh ingredients will entice any palate with its explosion of tropical aromas. Its flavor profile is extraordinary for such a straightforward meal, combining a delicate balance of hot, sweet, sour, and salty flavors. So,The recipe is straightforward, and following it at home can be a simple task. The recipe will always turn out flawlessly if you experiment with the ingredients and cooking techniques by switching up the cutting and cooking strategies.

To fit the tastes of its patrons and the ingredients on hand, this light salad can be modified in a number of ways. Read More…

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However, Thai green mangoes are renowned for having a nutty flavour and being as crisp as an apple. Therefore, the same dish can be made using unripe mangoes. Only having ripe yellow mangoes on hand? Add an extra splash of lime juice to counteract the sweetness of the juicy yellow mango.

So, This recipe’s adaptability and simplicity make it simple to make substitutions. Do you enjoy sweets? Increase the amount of added sugar. Brown sugar or honey can alternatively be used in place of palm sugar.  So, Are you looking for a vegan or vegetarian version of the recipe? Simply take out the dried shrimp and substitute tamarind water, soy sauce, tamari, or coconut aminos for the fish sauce.

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The same may be said for all the other ingredients.

The final product may differ depending on how the materials are prepared. Mangoes can be sliced into cubes as an alternative to being julienned or shredded. This will spark a party in every mouth with its contrasting textures of softness and crunchiness in addition to marinating and enveloping every cube in the tastes of the sauce.

This quick and simple salad, which perfectly balances sweet and spicy flavours, is sure to be a hit. The Som Tum Mamuang will taste great on any menu, whether you’re preparing a last-minute side dish to serve as a palate cleanser or putting together a nutritious salad for a speedy appetizer. Read More…

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3. Thai Curry with Beef and Pumpkin

This recipe for Beef and Pumpkin Curry is a flavorful and opulent main dish if you’re organizing a Thai-themed event.

The majority of beef curry recipes in Thailand stew tough beef parts like chuck, flank, or brisket for a long period of time until they are soft. High-grade sirloin or ribeye is swiftly fried on both sides till medium rare in this red coconut curry recipe. Juicy chunks of roasted pumpkin are then mixed in.

Beef & Pumpkin Curry is a hot Thai dish that receives its heat from raw chile, fresh ginger, and red curry paste.

What is napa in thai food?

Another adaptable vegetable used in Thai cuisine is napa cabbage. It can be consumed raw and dipped in different sauces. Additionally, it makes a delicious soup. For weeks, napa cabbage can be stored in the refrigerator.

What is thai food like?

Consider Thai cuisine as an exotic variation of Chinese cuisine. There are many ingredients that are comparable, but some of them have more extreme flavors, like Indian cuisine, that are extremely sweet, salty, or spicy. Always begin with flavors that are more recognizable, such as a milder yellow curry served with noodles and rice.

Why is thai food so spicy?

So, Many of Thailand’s most well-liked recipes include one or more ingredients that make them spicy.  However, Chili peppers, ginger, garlic, and peppercorns are the main culprits for this stinging, tingling feeling. Chili peppers are a favorite food all around the world.

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The science of spicy food

A substance known as capsaicin is a bioactive component in chili peppers that produces the potent “hot” or spicy sensation on the tongue. The chemical gingerol, which mellows out a little when cooked but intensifies when dried, is what gives ginger its spicy flavor. When garlic is sliced or chewed, a substance called allicin is produced. Additionally, piperine, a chemical component, is present in black pepper.

So, These substances cause a burning sensation in your mouth by attaching to specific receptors on your tongue, lips, and other oral tissues.

Why then do individuals continue to eat these spices if doing so hurts? The brain releases endorphins and dopamine in response to the discomfort on the tongue. which are “feel good” molecules that numb pain and elicit ecstasy in the user.

Benefits of Spicy cuisine for health

Although black pepper, ginger, garlic, and chili pepper are added to Thai food for flavor, there are also health advantages.

Because it relieves congestion in the lungs and sinuses, the active component in chili peppers is good for the respiratory system. Additionally, it has been demonstrated to cut LDL cholesterol levels, regulate blood pressure, and function as an anti-inflammatory.

Ginger is a well-known treatment for nausea, motion sickness, morning sickness, and diarrhea. Additionally, it promotes healthy digestion, lowers inflammation, and has antioxidant properties. Prior to being used for entrées, it is frequently diced or crushed.Or cut into thin slices and left to steep in hot water to make herbal tea. Read More…

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High cholesterol and high blood pressure are two disorders connected to the heart and circulatory system that is treated with garlic. Additionally, it supports the immunological and digestive systems. Before adding whole garlic cloves to a dish, they are typically crushed or thinly sliced.


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In addition to having qualities that encourage perspiration and urination, ground black pepper helps to avoid intestinal gas. It also signals the stomach to release hydrochloric acid, which is required for digestion, when taken.

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