The Memory Kitchen

The Memory Kitchen
The Memory Kitchen
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To get to the restaurant Çiya Sofrasi from the antique metropolis of Istanbul, you are taking a twenty-minute.

There turned into a self-provider bar with meze priced by using weight.

Food, I must clarify, has by no means played a massive role in my intellectual lifestyle.

Adana, where my aunt nonetheless lives. Instead, I had come to Istanbul, a city with which I had many romantic associations however little sensible revel in. Perhaps the meze jogged my memory of an irretrievable time when my aunt and my grandmother had cooked for me, and I had been where I became alleged to be inside the global.

One inscrutable salad contained no recognizable aspect besides jewel-like pomegranate kernels, nestled among seawet-color, twig-shaped gadgets and mysterious chopp

A stew uniting beef, roasted chestnuts, quince, and dried apricots in an enigmatic greenish broth tugged at some multilayered reminiscence related to my mother’s quince compote. I saved searching across the room for a few clue to what changed into taking place. Half the tables have been empty; near us sat a few Turkish households, a handful of lone diners with books, and two Italian backpackers.

I found out that the green herbal tea become made with thyme leaves, and that the food at Çiya exercise a violent effect on all forms of human beings, no longer just horrific Turkish granddaughters. One article describ the response of “an eighty-5-year-antique auntie who noisily burst into tears pronouncing.


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